How to make a study plan for IAS Preparation

IAS Preparation

Many candidates who are preparing for the UPSC exam often find difficulty in making the routine or a study plan because then they have to stick to it. A good study schedule can help the aspirants to clear the UPSC exam without much trouble.

There is a lot of competition for Public services jobs nowadays. So, to get one, candidates need to work really hard and with full dedication. For any competitive exam preparation, one must have a full-fledged plan.

Aspirants can’t prepare just for the preparation’s sake. They must have a good study plan and a routine to follow. Best IAS coaching in Delhi helps its students with the routine and study plan.

Here below we have discussed some of the tips to make an effective study plan for the IAS preparation.

Make a routine

Start from scratch. First, take a pen and paper and make a note of things you need to do for the IAS preparation. Prepare a full day plan, include your IAS coaching timings, your sleeping hours, lunch and breakfast, and study hours. Study for 7-8 hours at home every day apart from the IAS-coaching classes. If you are preparing from home then try to study for 11-12 hours per day.

Unless you have a proper plan for the IAS preparation, you will always find difficulty in completing the syllabus. The syllabus of the UPSC is giant and needs at least a year to cover.

Change the routine accordingly

It’s your study plan so be free to make necessary changes in it. Suppose, your study hour clashes with your coaching timings then it would be impossible for you to prepare at that time. So, make sure you aren’t overlapping activities in the study plan.

Don’t forget to add the necessary 15 minutes break in the study plan. It is important for your body and mind. It shouldn’t be boring and monotonous. Include some fun activities like playing chess, listening to music, or going for the walk. These activities will lighten your mood and make you feel fresh.

Don’t make an impossible study plan

Your study plan shouldn’t be tough to execute or implement. It should be practical and importantly, possible. You can’t write in your routine that you want to study for 20 hours and take only four hours of sleep every day because it’s not possible. It is an unhealthy practice.

We suggest to go easy with your routine in the initial days of the preparation and then go for a strict routine. Give yourself time to adjust to the schedule. Maybe the first 20 days will be tough for you but afterward, you would love to sit for 8 hours for the study. You just need to sketch out a study plan that works perfectly for you.

Not recommended to copy other’s study plan

You don’t have to copy your study plans from the toppers, you can take inspiration from them. What works for others may not work for you so it’s better to put your ideas and concepts while creating a Study Plan.

Read Toppers study plans but don’t copy the exact study plan. Create something of your own. You can use the Toppers study plan as a reference but not as your study plan.

Stick to the study plan

All the above-mentioned techniques and methods of making a study plan can work only when you execute the plan into action. You have to do it. Your action is important.

You have to stick to the study plan and never miss it in any case unless its an emergency. Finally, your hard work and dedication will be rewarded with a positive result.

Final words

UPSC is a tough exam to crack but anything is possible for aspirants who are focused, dedicated, and hardworking. So, all the best.

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