Why should call centers sign up for call center VoIP solutions?

call center VoIP solutions

VoIP call center telephony solutions

VoIP technology is used to make phone and video calls over the internet. VoIP has more features than an analog phone and can handle an unlimited number of calls for less than half the price of an analog telephone.

VoIP works by connecting to your Local Area Network’s switch or router (LAN). When you dial a phone number, your IP phone instructs your VoIP service provider to dial the other party’s number, and the VoIP service establishes the call and exchanges data packets from your IP phone. 

These digital signals are converted back into sound by your VoIP phone. All of this occurs before you have even said hello.

VoIP is based on open standards such as Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), ensuring that different desk phones, conference phones, and VoIP apps work together seamlessly. You can easily benefit from VoIP if you have an internet connection.

Benefits of VoIP:

  • Lower cost – VoIP offers substantial cost savings and lowered phone bills by over 60%.
  • High-quality sound – The call is in HD quality.
  • Advanced features – Features including auto attendants, call recording, and call queues are often included with business phone service plans.
  • Remote-ready – Use your phone service wherever you work with just internet access.

Top VoIP phone system features

Auto Attendant 

Auto-attendant is a phone menu that greets incoming calls that helps you, direct callers to the right person or department. You can forward calls to your voicemail or elsewhere outside of business hours.

Mobile and Desktop Apps

With cloud communications, you won’t miss calls just because you are not in the office.

Many VoIP service providers offer an app for your computer and mobile device.

Equipping your team with a VoIP solution to work from home allows you to make phone calls, join conference calls, exchange text messages, and more.

HD Call Quality

VoIP offers HD voice quality that makes phone calls sound clear. This high-definition sound quality is noticeable even for long-distance calls.

Unified Communications

VoIP improves your employee’s workflow through the Unified Communications application. You can integrate various apps with a unified communications platform, so everything is in one place. UC makes real-time communication well-organized with functions including team chats, screen sharing, conference calling, and more.

VoIP Security

VoIP is safe and secure with built-in security to stop cybercrime like security encryption, firewalls, and notification alerts. 

Call Recording

Recording phone calls between your reps and customers helps you examine the quality of service your company and reps are providing, assists in training new reps, makes you aware of commonly faced issues by your customers, and more.

Business Tools Integration

Most VoIP features include integrating data with outside business tools, including support ticket systems, chats, email, and more which helps keep conversation records centralized and teams connected. 

Advanced options also offer sales teams tools that allow you to connect caller information to CRM software. This functionality enables reps to review recent interactions using built-in call tracking.

Predictive Dialing

Call Center Software Solution can also integrate with automatic or predictive dialing systems that eliminate calling customers manually. Predictive dialer software is a calling system that automatically dials phone numbers from your list. This helps connect your reps with prospects more quickly, leading to more efficient call centers and customer support programs. 

Centralized Management

Apart from cost-efficiency, centralized management is one of the primary reasons companies switch from traditional phone systems to programming complexity. An efficient VoIP solution comes with a centralized administrative portal that allows you to easily add, remove, and configure phones and manage all the features.

Call Flip

The call flip feature allows you to transfer calls from one device to another with a press of a button without disrupting the call. This feature comes in handy when you need to step away from your desktop but are in the middle of an important call. You can simply transfer the call from your desktop to your phone without the other’s knowledge in cases like this. 

Hot Desk

The hot desk is a popular telephony module where you log into a shared desk phone to access personalized profiles and configurations. It is a helpful method to let employees access their voicemail and features from any office phone without investing in individual hardware. 

The VoIP business system offers a lot of value to your company with its internet-based features. VoIP phone features are becoming essential communication tools cost-efficient, making them an attractive option for all businesses. 

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