How to Style your Home for a More Modern Look

home modern look

As a homeowner, having the best interior decorators kept secrets would be the best idea, particularly when you want to style your home for a more modern look. Unlike in the 1960s and 1970s, where most homes were typically one-storied bricks and wood-sided, with over-the-top lighting and plumbing fittings, and complex woodwork, the modern style home has more open spaces, high ceilings, and less decoration. Contemporary styles are versatile and exciting, especially when choosing a mid-century modern, urban, or art décor. If you consider changing your home’s style to a more modern look, below are some suggestions.

Simplicity is Always the Best

Contemporary styles and simplicity go hand in hand. Minimalism makes your home space feel cleaner and orderly, avoiding clutter with many furnishings and colors that cannot blend or compliment your home design. One way to achieve a modern look is to go for an open floor plan and neat designs without unessential ornaments. Every complex thing in your home should be made simple. As you style your home with a minimalistic design, remember to blend well to make your space look warm and welcoming, as this is one challenge minimalist designs face. Your textures should complement each other and provide a soothing setting.

Update your Lighting Fixtures

You can achieve a modern design by changing out the ornate fixtures and the ancient heavy track lighting. Instead, shop for more contemporary pendants and chandeliers in the kitchen and dining area. For efficiency and a minimalist look, recessed light fixtures are always the best. If you want to install a clean and white trim, LED retrofit fixtures are perfect since they are energy efficient. Warmer lighting that can mimic incandescent bulbs will give you the best color temperature.

Replace your Cabinet Hardware and House Doors

The cabinet hardware and doors can be transformed to a more straightforward and modern look by changing their metal color and shape. Various modern looks for kitchen store cupboard hardware include satin brass and matte black finishes. Ashy black is sleek, unlike the ancient oil-rugged bronze style. It also adds a fantastic contrast to the white spaces that are common in many homes. Changing your kitchen cupboard hardware is the finest way to bring newfangled life to the kitchen instantly without even spending a fortune.

Brass adds warmth to your gray and white cupboards, and it is also perfect since it can work with all design tones. In addition, brass is elegant and can help offset any blue tone in your bright white cabinets. You will get many brass shades ranging from matte, satin, antique, champagne, and lacquered.

As homes become more modernized and renovated, homeowners replace traditional inside doors and exterior ones with more modern ones. To achieve a modern look for your door, you must combine functionality and aesthetics along with innovation to your design. Modern doors have particular defining attributes, including bold and clean lines, modern colors, sleek hardware, quality materials, and innovative hinges. To get the perfect modern door, you must carefully consider which options work best for your home. It would be best if you also considered the style of door you want, either slab, pre-hung, out swing, in swing, among others. A standard door size gives a more modern look instead of large-size doors. Whichever design you choose, ensure that it complements your home’s interiors and exteriors.

Change the Furniture, Art, and House Rugs with more Contemporary Pieces

Every room in the house should be taken as a whole, and you should try not to make everything match. You can achieve a coordinated decor by including complementary pieces that are more interesting instead of choosing “matchy-matchy.” Your pieces should define your space, make your rooms feel larger, unify your décor and keep your rooms fresh. For example, contemporary rugs have bold colors and contrasting elements. Others exhibit retro features like art decors, while some are entirely original pieces of art. Contemporary pieces are less intricate and should pair with your eclectic furniture and accessories.

Final Thought

It can be challenging to have a high-end home, especially if you do not know which modern look you want to achieve for your house. Modern styles are carefully edited and free of clutter. Also, the contemporary designs embrace straight lines, updated furniture, along clean neutral palettes. Minimalist looks define simplicity, elegance, and modernity. Modern looks carry themselves with dignity and new and fresh ideas.

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