Business Model of an Uber for Doctors App

Care On Demand App

Remember a world without doctors? Not really. With the kind of ailments and illnesses that have plagued our beautiful world, the human race would have hardly been able to make it without doctors. The earlier times, people were simple and had limited needs. This profession wasn’t considered a commercial one. However, however noble the profession is, a doctor’s got to eat, right? So, the business side of medicine to needs to be paid attention to. Doctors may be very good at treating patients, but they aren’t particularly good when it comes to growing their business. Here we will try to understand the concept of Uber for Doctors using an application.

However, before we get into that let us understand the current market situation of the doctors and how they can succeed.


If you go back, say 2 decades, you will find that there weren’t too many doctors around. Very few doctors but very respectable ones. Today, there are hundreds of doctors in every city. There are so many specializing in different fields, so many dedicating their lives to research and so on and so forth.

The level of competition has gone up so much that doctors are finding it hard to make an honest living. This is why a proper business strategy has to be put in place in order for a doctor to be able to earn properly. This is where the app comes in the picture.

The App Case

We are heavily dependent on mobile phones today. Everyone has a smartphone and they use it for one thing or the other all the time. With an app that enables them to reach out to a doctor, things get a lot easier.

Five years back, one would never have been able to imagine a world that would allow a user to simply download and register into the app. Using an application to book services probably became a viable option only after Uber came into the fore with its taxi app.

So, if a taxi could be booked, then any kind of service should be bookable using an app too. This led to the birth of Doctor On Demand kind of apps. This would basically be an app that would allow a User to select his or her ailment and then hire a doctor to either pay a visit to him or to book an appointment slot to go and help the doctor.

How does the Uber for Doctors app work?

A Doctor on demand kind of an application has the following flow:

User and Doctor download and register on the app. They create their login IDs and then log into the application.

Now, when the User needs a doctor, they can open the app, select the category of doctor needed, for example, Surgeon, Physician, and Gynecologist. Then they can select a subcategory in the app based on their exact nature of the problem.

Now, the app will automatically search all the doctors that are available in and around the area of the patient. The User will also be able to see their hourly charges and qualifications etc. The user can choose the doctor that suits them and then simply click on their icon to hire them.

The doctor accepts the request and reaches the destination at the designated time. In case an appointment has been scheduled for a fixed time, the patient reaches the place at a particular time.

The app is simple because it promotes cashless payments, and makes it better for doctors to find jobs easily and for the patients to find doctors easily. Each time the app is used to make a booking the App owner too makes quite a bit of money. On the whole, the Uber for Doctors app is truly a very successful and important app for today’s time.

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