Service That Made GoJek A Unicorn Startup

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GoJek is a well on demand services startup business that was launched in 2010. It was first launched in Jakarta, Indonesia and in very less time GoJek was counted among the market leaders of Southeast Asia. Yes! In a very short time, the GoJek was expanded in many countries of Southeast Asia like Thailand, Vietnam and other countries.

Well, GoJek becomes the one-stop solution of the demands of the people of Southeast Asia in very less time. With the help of its amazingly built business model, the people started enjoying the service that GoJek provided them at a very cheap cost. Before GoJek came, there were already foreign companies like Uber those were providing their services too but their charges were very high.

These companies were unaware about the market scenario as well as the mindset of people in Southeast Asia in expenditure. The people there actually wanted these services at fewer prices. A local company that understands the requirement and the demands of their people.

GoJek took the advantage and came out with their quality services in the market that blast out successfully. People were happy to see so many services under one roof, it was like a dream come true. Even many people just removed all the other on demand service apps from their smartphones as GoJek was serving those services in their one and only business model. Isn’t it a good concept? Of course yes! Like who wanted to keep different apps for different services? To be very honest, nobody. Well, this was the scenario of Go-Jek when the time it was launched and now, it is the most successful on demand service providing company in Southeast Asia.

Let’s explore the gojek services that made it more demanding in the public.


This service of GoJek was their first one that came in the market with a name Ojek-the Indonesian bike taxi. With the help of over 1 million OJek drivers, GoJek made Indonesia an amazing experience of commuting from one place to another safely.


Well, above it was about the Ojek that was a bike taxi service. But GoJek even provides car-taxi services too. Go-Jek offers car taxi service in very low fare charges in more than 50 cities. Also, now people can pay through cash and debit cards too. There is no requirement of a credit card for the payment.


It has partnered with more than 80,000 restaurants and food delivery services are running successfully. People are able to receive food in a very less time.


The consumer can purchase groceries directly from their home through this feature. GoJek has partnered all the local grocery stores so that consumers can find the product easily.


This service refers to courier service, if there is any important papers or parcel, people can send it to the location within the city.


Well, this service of GoJek is somewhat similar to Go-Send but the only difference is Go-Box helps in delivering big parcel boxes from one location to another. According to the parcel’s size, the customer can choose vehicles from the truck category like ankle truck, pickup truck or boxcar.


This service of Go-Jek helps to connect the customer with more 1,500 pharmacies so that people can easily get medicines at their doorsteps.


It allows people to purchase event tickets that are happening in your city. It also allows people to register their own public event so that people can explore and issue tickets for themselves.

Business Like GoJek

Well, this is why GoJek went as successful as it offers so many services through just one business model. Also, the cost of the services is very low compared to other on demand service providing companies. If you have any multi-service providing business plan, go with GoJek clone app as business models are the key to success nowadays in every business.

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