Who Are The Biggest Competitors Of GoJek In The Market?

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Gojek has already achieved its goal of being the best in providing almost every on demand services. Well, Gojek is on demand service providing company that was founded in Jakarta, Indonesia. Now, this logistics and transportation service providing company has expanded impeccably. It is now providing some of the best on demand services through their amazing business model, the GoJek app.

Basically,GoJek has categorized their service in three different sections. Go-Jek, Go-Pay, and Go-Life. The services are also relevant to the categories names. GoJek is counted in the Fortune 5000 that means it is one of the best startup business that made its way very soon in the list on best 5000 companies in the world.This Indonesian company has also expanded in Thailand, Vietnam and soon it will be stepping towards Indian land with their ultimate services.

But, GoJekis not the only one who is offering on demand services. There are many other companies that are already in the market before GoJek came. Yes, Gojek has many competitors in the market who are also just amazing with their quality services. However, the market is like a playground, whichever company offer the best for the consumers becomes the winner of the market.

Let’s takean at the Gojek competitors  that are doing well in the market.


Well, who doesn’t know about the Uber? Uber was the first taxi service company that came with amazing on demand taxi services based on the app. As years passed, Uberexpanded and almost covered all the major countries of the world. Eventually,Uber also came out with its various on demand services like food delivery and many more.

Uber also stepped in the market of Southeast Asia but was not as successful as Gojek. Due to its high service prices and difficult payment option made it less popular in the countries of Southeast Asia. In some of the other way, Uber is great competitor of GoJek.


Grab isanother outstanding on demand service providing company which is the closest competitor of the Gojek. It is a neighbouring company founded in Singapore. It offers multiple on demand services like food delivery,ride-hailing, ride sharing, courier service and much more. Well, Grab has a bigger market presence then Gojek. It covers almost every country of SoutheastAsia like Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand and Cambodia.

Grab and GoJek are always been a great rival. They both are known to be the best on demand service providers of Southeast Asia.


This is a transportation based company that was founded in Dubai. Careem is best on demand taxi service providing company of Dubai. Now, this company has expanded in almost 14-15 countries of Africa, South Asia, and theMiddle East. If it’s about taxi services only then yes Careem is also a huge competitor of GoJek as their taxi service are almost similar.

Successful Business…

That was about the competitors of the Gojek but you are planning to commence a business like Gojek than consider purchasing a Gojek Clone app. A multi-service business without a Gojek Clone app is somewhat an impossible thing to do.

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