How To Build A Sales Funnel That Will Triple Your Profits

Sales Funnel

Wondering! Even though you’re implementing the best lead generating practices such as a persuasive landing page copy, powerful headlines & CTA, and eye-catching landing page design and a shorter form field but expected conversion rate is not there? Fret not! In this article, you are going to learn how to build a sales funnel that will triple your profits.

Before we go any further let’s understand why you need to build a sales funnel.

What Is a Sales Funnel? And Why Is It Important?

Sales funnel is a structure that is made on the basis of a journey of potential customers that goes through making a purchase.

Building a sales funnel requires understanding the customer journey & planning everything according to each stage to get them to purchase from you. According to the studies, a business that builds sales funnels generated 47% more sales than the business that didn’t. 

In business, it’s not how you do something, it’s how you do everything that matters. So, in order to make your sales funnel breakthrough, it’s important for you to learn other digital marketing tactics as well that will not help you to acquire the customers but also sustain them. Don’t worry! If you’re not skilled at digital marketing tactics yet. Digital marketing course can help you to develop the necessary skills & breakthrough strategies to scale your business online.

You’re about to learn how to create a sales funnel for higher conversion but before that let’s understand the customer journey that is the foundation of building a sales funnel.

Stages Of Customer’s Journey

Creating a sales funnel is all about understanding the stages a customer goes through to make a purchase and what influences his purchasing decision. We can understand it easily with the AIDA Model. Let’s begin to learn.


At this stage, Your potential customers may be unaware of your product & services and they don’t know if they need them. Firstly, you need to get your audience’s attention. For doing this, you need to show them how your product & services are going to help them. Being a problem solver is something that gets your product & services huge attention. And, making your prospect aware about your brand is the first and foremost stage of how to build a sales funnel that will triple your profits.


Once your audience gets acquainted with your brand’s products & services. It’s time to get them engaged with quick wins, offers, and another engagement method through social media & email marketing to arouse their interest in your brand’s product & services.


After arousing the interest in your prospect for what you are offering. You can start to realize how bigger the problem is and how your product & services can solve them and make their life easier. Once your audience realizes the intense need for the product & services they develop a desire to get them. 


Most of the prospects go through your product & services page but don’t make a purchase. Here you need to find out what your prospects need. Maybe the price is a little bit higher, or they decide to buy it later. In this scenario, you need to find a way that propels your prospects to take action. So, create an irresistible limited offer, a gift voucher, or a freebie to get them to take action right away.

Now, you are aware of the different stages a customer goes through in order to make a purchase. It’s time to jump onto how to create a sales funnel that will triple your profits.

How To Create A Sales Funnel That Will Triple Your Profits?

According to the studies done by salesforce, 79% of leads don’t get converted due to not having a sales funnel. But, you don’t have to go through that when you can create a breakthrough sales funnel to skyrocket your conversion with simple steps.

Research Your Ideal Buyer Journey & Identify Problems

First thing first, your goal is to make your prospects buy your products & services. So, research who is your potential buyer, what is their expectation for the related product, what stages do they go through before making a purchase, what could influence their buying decision and how can you make their journey pleasant. 

Get Goals For Every Stage OF Sales Funnels 

Small goals help to accomplish bigger goals easily & effectively. You can divide your sales funnel into 2 goals. Such as traffic, engagement, and conversion.

Make A Content Lay Out For Each Funnel Stages 

You have set your goals. Now what? How are you gonna accomplish them? Identifying the customer’s decision-making at each stage of your sales funnel will help you to achieve your goals. Research through what are the factors that can discourage & encourage the prospect to make a purchase and make the content layout accordingly.

Make Content That Generate Interest & Desire 

After preparing the content structure you set out to make content for each stage that doesn’t only make your audience aware of your product & services but also ignites interest & desire to buy. Content of each stage helps to push your prospect to the ending stage.

Encourage Prospects To Take Action 

The user has come all the way through the ending stage of the funnel. It’s time to encourage them to take action with a powerful call to action & a headline. This is how you can build a sales funnel to increase the conversion rate.


37% of markets say acquiring potential prospects is the most important & challenging in business. Therefore, in this article, we have broken down how to build a sales funnel that will triple your profits. So, you can generate potential leads & prospects by understanding your audience journey and structure a breakthrough sales funnel accordingly. 

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