Booming Real Estate Places in Kerala

booming real estate

Kerala is experiencing significant expansion in the booming real estate sector and is becoming a highly sought-after tourism destination. The state of India Kerala boasts a plethora of port cities, which has made it a significant commerce centre for many years. The government’s development goals, as well as the growth of the IT sector, have also influenced Kerala’s real estate patterns these past few years.

As a result, Kerala is becoming a popular real estate investment destination for both locals and NRIs (Non-Resident Indians). However, investing in real estate must be done with caution if you want to see the expected profits in a shorter period of time. The location of the land is a crucial factor in determining the earning capacity of a real estate investment. Here is a list of five Kerala cities that are excellent for property investment.

5 Booming Real Estate Places

1. Kochi

It is the state’s economic capital and one of the most popular destinations for prospective house purchasers who are looking for a house for sale in Kochi. It is undergoing a significant shift in terms of infrastructure and real estate development. A great blend of tradition and modern conveniences, living in Kochi allows you to live a well-balanced existence in the middle of a stunning natural setting, which adds to the city’s allure.

Kochi is becoming more appealing to investors due to the recently opened international airport, the metro, and a well-connected network of highways and trains.

2. Thrissur

Though Thrissur may not be the fastest growing city in Kerala or have the affluence of Kerala’s capital, what makes Thrissur an attractive destination to invest is the entrepreneurial spirit of the people who live there. The people of Thrissur own the majority of Kerala’s businessmen and business houses. As a result, the prospects of real estate investments in Thrissur, which is about to begin its transition as the epicentre of all real estate investments, are quite delectable.

When compared to other top-tier destinations, one may be confident that houses for sale in Thrissur are not overpriced. This attracts more investors from across the state, as well as NRIs.

3. Trivandrum

Kerala’s capital city is one of the largest in the state. This area has had one of the most rapid real estate infrastructure development phases in the last decade. As a result, investors are expressing a significant interest in Trivandrum’s real estate market as well.

Trivandrum is home to the fast-expanding IT park: Technopark, which is a major factor for this city’s ranking as a top destination for real estate investors. As Kerala’s state capital, it is home to numerous government buildings as well as a thriving commercial district. It is home to the University of Kerala as well as other important educational institutes. During the festival season in August and September, the city comes alive.

4. Calicut

Calicut is a fairly simple city that is suitable for anyone looking to get away from the bustling lifestyles of Cochin, Trivandrum, and, to a lesser extent, Thrissur. Investing in the real estate sector in this city will be well worth your money because it is a developing area that is excellent for quality housing.

Calicut is a city with a rich tradition as well as all of the amenities needed for a comfortable modern lifestyle. This makes it a particularly appealing location for real estate investors. The changing urban landscape and high-quality homes make property investment in Calicut a wise choice.

5. Kottayam

Kottayam, also known as the “Land of Letters,” is the state’s literary capital. It houses various media and publishing establishments, as well as a number of prestigious educational institutions such as Mahatma Gandhi University and the Government Medical College. While these are sufficient reasons to consider investing in Kottayam, the climatic conditions are moderate and pleasant throughout the year, and there is a well-defined transport network to neighbouring cities such as Cochin and Thrissur.

These five areas have piqued the interest of investors from all around the country. With so many regions to invest in, Kerala real estate is booming and has now become the best and safest alternative to other assets such as mutual funds, shares, and gold.

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