How to Clean Your House Quickly?

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Coming home to a neat and clean living space can infuse so much energy into your life. Something as refreshing and necessary as cleaning is often seen as a chore by many. They may not realise that there is a knack to cleaning which can turn this activity fun and easy in no time. Let us show you a few quick tips to clean your house in a jiffy.

Tips to Clean Your House Quickly

●      Top to bottom and left to right

One of the basic tips to clean quicker and more efficiently is to always wipe or clean from top to bottom. Do not make the rookie mistake of cleaning the floors first and then getting to the fans and tabletops. Similarly, attack a room in a specific direction – left to right – so that you don’t end up wasting time running all over the place. This would also help you plan your cleaning action in such a way that the dust or dirt gets accumulated at one place only. The best way to do that is to ensure you clean top to bottom and then from left to right.

domestic cleaning services in London

●      One activity at a time

It is always better to start with one activity and then proceed to the next one uniformly in all the rooms. Instead of focusing on cleaning one particular room from start to finish and then starting from scratch in the next room, the prudent plan of action would be to start by doing one activity, say sweeping, across all rooms and floors and then proceeding to the next, for example wiping the countertops and tabletops. This can ensure more efficiency and better management of time and resources as well as not give you cleaning fatigue from the feeling of being stuck in a cleaning loop.

●      Sweep then mop

There are certain processes in cleaning that should be followed in a particular order. One such process would be to always start with sweeping before proceeding to mopping the floors. Sweep all the rooms at one go. Once you start mopping, start from the corner furthest in the room and move yourself outside to the room so that you don’t end up walking over the freshly mopped floor or mopping yourself into a corner.

●      Keep your tools handy

A very important yet underrated tip is to always store your cleaning tools and equipment together in a particular place. You should not be running around from room to room in search of tools or towels or brushes whilst the cleaning goes on. If you keep all your tools in a handy place, your cleaning process can be completed in a much better and more efficient manner. Once you finish cleaning, ensure you clean your tools, towels and equipment and store them in the same place as well.

●      Wipe glass surfaces

An often overlooked part of cleaning is the many glass surfaces in a house. Dust can easily settle on glass countertops, windows and mirrors. A shiny glass mirror or tabletop can elevate the look of your house. Therefore, it is vital that you wipe all the glass surfaces with a clean cloth while doing your routine cleaning duties. It is preferable to use a microfiber cloth while cleaning glass surfaces to avoid smudges or scratches of any kind.

●      Clear the clutter

Make sure you check every room for clutter lying around. You can sort them into waste, store or donate piles. You should also collect the accumulated waste in dustbins in every room of the house, empty them out and replace the same in their respective rooms after every cleaning process. A clutter free home would automatically lift your spirits and make your house more welcoming and open.

These are just a few of the tips that you can easily incorporate into your routine cleaning process to have a hassle free and smooth cleaning experience. Following these steps can make cleaning less of a daunting task and more of a thing to look forward to.

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