Finding Over Ear Bluetooth Headphones Under $100

Bluetooth Headphones

It may be tempting to go with the most affordable pair of over ear Bluetooth headphones you find. But you don’t want it to happen at the cost of comfort and functionality. Why not go the extra mile and get the best over ear Bluetooth headphones your money can buy?

Assessing these key features will let you do just that:

1. Sound Quality

Sound quality is usually divided into various audio aspects, such as mono vs. stereo, sound resolution, sensitivity, and frequency response. Mono headphones have a single audio channel, which is ideal for headsets. Stereo models come with two audio channels, giving more dimension to the music and audio content that you’re listening to.

To enjoy optimal sound resolution, look for hi-res over ear Bluetooth headphones, since these models boast excellent sound. Sensitivity affects volume quality and is measured in decibels, with 100dB and higher being the most optimal rating. Frequency response is what gives a pair of headphones a unique sound. The frequency range the headphones can reproduce hinges on it.

2. Connection Type

Over ear Bluetooth headphones are available as both wired and wireless models. Some models can even integrate both of these connection types. The choice between the two is largely a matter of personal preference.

In a nutshell, wired headphones give you the best sound quality and have no limitations when it comes to power. Conversely, wireless headphones are limited by battery life. Unlike wired models, though, they readily connect with Bluetooth devices and allow you to enjoy a larger range of movement.

3. Noise Cancellation

Outside noise can significantly affect sound quality. That’s what makes noise cancellation feature so essential for a supreme listening experience. In simple terms, noise cancellation is the ability of headphones to emit a sound wave that opposes the background noise. This results in the noise being eliminated as the conflicting sound waves collide with each other.

4. Elements Protection

Some people prefer to wear headphones when they work out. Others enjoy wearing headphones outdoors as they’re taking a walk or enjoying a hike. Be it sweat or rain, though, most regular headphones don’t tolerate exposure to humidity and easily break as a result.

Sadly, no consumer-grade technology can have a completely waterproof design. And over ear Bluetooth headphones aren’t an exception. They can, however, have a reasonable degree of resistance to sweat and the elements.

To discover how water-resistant a pair of headphones is, check for its IP rating. This rating system uses a scale of ratings from 0 to 9, with 9 being the highest rating of water-resistance. Higher rating is also helpful if you want your headphones to also be dust-resistant and fend off various other solids.

5. Open-Back vs. Closed-Back

Over ear Bluetooth headphones generally come in two styles: open-back and closed-back. Most over ear headphones on the market come with a closed-back design.

Closed-back headphones can provide the highest degree of noise reduction. As such, they are a wonderful fit for those who travel and like to shield themselves from the surrounding noise.

Open-back headphones, however, deliver better sound quality. Unlike closed-back models, though, they can let in some noise. This makes them ideal for those people who use headphones mostly indoors.

6. Volume Limits

It feels good to be able to listen to your favorite music and podcasts as loudly as you want. But maxing out the volume in your headphones most of the time can cause serious damage to your ears. That’s why high-quality headphones have a special volume limiting feature.

Volume limits keep your headphones from going beyond 85 dB. Ideally, you want your over ear Bluetooth headphones to come with this very feature. This way you can have a decent listening experience and save your eardrums in the process.

7. Battery Life

Going wireless makes you depend on battery wherever you go. Not all over ear Bluetooth headphones offer ample power supply. While some headphone sets offer 30 hours of battery, others feature a lot less. Best headphones have a rechargeable battery, a battery pack, or alternate between wireless and wired modes.

Top Brands to Find Over Ear Bluetooth Headphones Under $100

These brands of over ear Bluetooth headphones can be good places to start your search:

  • Audio-Technica.
  • Philips.
  • Mpow.
  • Mixcder.
  • SteelSeries.
  • Logitech.

We hope our guide has been helpful and that you’ll find the over ear Bluetooth headphones under $100 that are a fit for your needs.

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