What is SEO? And basics of SEO

basics seo

A world without girls and a world without Google would have been the worst, how many of you agree here? Well, indeed I do, especially for the latter. Google is the king of the web, certainly no issues with that. Now when people talk about optimizing their site for search engines, they are talking about optimizing for Google. Well, yahoo and bing have gone down, do you still think they will provide you with mass traffic? I guess it won’t (That’s my point of view).

Getting to SEO is Search Engine Optimization, which keeps search engines interested in your site/blog. SEO is some sequence of actions that you do on your site to make it easier and better for search engines to look into. SEO is a vast thing, and anyone boosting to know everything is not possible. Many sites animedao offer you professional SEO services; if you look closely into their website, they wouldn’t have high traffic from search engines at all so. Instead, you can do some basics on your own instead of going to them.

How does your site get displayed on search results?

Search engines have unique spiders that are let out through the internet to look out websites containing the words/phrases that users search for. When a spider gets those words, it sends the link of the relevant pages to a database.

It’s only from this database that the search results are organized and delivered to the end-user.

How can SEO help to improve your chances?

As I said earlier, SEO is a sequence of actions/steps that need to be taken to make the site friendly to search engines. So actually it is for the spiders and let the spiders do their work. Sometimes by default sites block these spiders and thus crawls by the spider fail to result in improper indexing of your pages. You can find several tools that allow you to get the crawl rates and errors for your site.

If you are particular with Google, you could try Google’s Webmaster who would help you know the status of your sites and its relation with Google.

Thus if you have the appropriate keywords and phrases, their more chances that you would rank higher on search results.

What can you do?

Well, there are lots of SEO specialists nowadays who can improve and do the needful, but they expect money in return to their favour. If you don’t have cash or not willing to pay them, then you can follow the necessary steps below at least.

Unique Title Pages:

This is a very crucial part of SEO, and this can bring you the results you desire. Many users of the search engine get attracted to unique titles and click them instead of the others. Keywords must be placed in the title.

E.g., If your keyword is SEO, then you can probably have “Must do SEO tips” as the title.

Try always to have the first letter of a word in the title to be capital; it does create a better look of things.


Create a good and worthy URL. Do not merge all the words and make nonsense of your URL. Always use hyphens’-‘within every name of your url.

E.g., Let your page be about Basic Seo Tips then make the URL as following

Instead of https://www.darbaar.com/

Try to use keywords in your URL as well and try to keep it as short as possible

Use Sitemap:

A site map is a page where you get all the links within your site. Now think how easy it would be for you to navigate and go to the desired place that is why sitemaps are submitted to search engines. An XML version of the sitemap is enough, and it need not be gracefully crafted and all unless you want it to be presented to your users.

Build links:

Link building is a very crucial part of SEO. The more links you get from other websites, more priority will the search engines give to you. Links from the site according to search engines are of much importance as they show faith and confidence in your website Pubg Pc Download, which is the most valuable part for search engines. They don’t want articles/pages to be irrelevant and useless to their users, but links give them the confidence that the page is right and good.

Use Robots.txt:

ROBOTS.txt is a unique and specifically designed file for the search engines. Robots.txt lets the search engines know which part of your site to be indexed and which not to be.

E.g., you would not like to display your site login page to all of them; you can hide it using robots.txt

Use Analytics:

To be successful with SEO, you certainly need analytics to your site, which keeps track of your website and shows you the stats. Well, although there are several paid analytics Google analytics is good enough, and it is free. Analytics can help you to concentrate on the keywords for which you get the traffic your site.

This is just the basics of SEO and hopes this would be beneficiary, especially for the beginners. If you are a blogger, then you can also read 6 must do SEO tips.

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