Best WPLMS themes for education purpose

WPLMS themes

If you want to provide online learning or “e-learning” through your website, using the WPLMS themes is the right solution. LMS stands for Learning Management System, and such topics allow you to provide courses and lessons that can be done on a regular basis. Learning is an online great business, which means that you can integrate these types of websites with a payment processor or eCommerce plugin and take money for the enrollment of your students.

Some of the major examples of online learning websites are Udemy, Linda and Coursera- this site is earning millions by teaching people new skills.

If you want to start your site of this type, then the topics listed in this collection are perfect for describing E-Learning and LMS WordPress Themes.


Academia WordPress Theme is a simple but effective template for educational, blogging or nonprofit websites. While simplifying in design, there is no shortage of features in the academy because it comes with a large number of customization options and layout. The theme is also fully responsive to see seamless on any device. All this, you get absolutely no cost with the academy because it is free.


Capitol is a fully responsive WordPress theme that comes with built-in integration for your event calendar. All homepage elements are widgets, which means you can organize the layout as you wish. Capital blogs are an ideal theme for educational websites, LMS, CSR websites and nonprofits.

Social Learner

Social Learner WordPress theme makes learning and easy with learning integration for social learning in a cool yet simple layout. The theme helps you to create goals for game learning, tons of options to connect to social media platforms and to display content in a fully responsive layout.

Private Teachers 

Personal Teacher WordPress Theme is a perfect choice for a professional enterprise. The topic accepts seriousness to remain favorable for the subject. Good simple color scheme helps to blend your website with the idea of ​​learning to manage. While not very attractive, the theme comes with some neat customization options and features. Blue tuck away menu options, thus clinging to providing more space for content. Text blocks are made transparent, which seem very trendy but do not affect ease. Once a teacher is selected, the mouseover on his picture reveals more information about him. This topic is very suitable for the learning agency website.

School District

School District is a perfect WordPress Support Theme for an educational organization website. The subject has been created with many colors to represent the vibrancy and youth, which marks the life of a student. The clearly designed, school district comes with many colorful boxes to replace the traditional menu options we see in most themes. This out of the box design helps viewers easily identify their desired options and makes navigation a lot easier.

The theme is available to choose from several menu options, buttons, and icons and also has social media sharing options enabled. Above the Cherry Framework, a website built with the school district loads very fast, which is already an icing on the flavor


When it comes to LMS (Learning Management System), any WPLMS theme is probably not as compatible as guru is. Master of all other themes, Guru comes with WPML (Multi-Language) support, supports for BuddyPress social platform, quiz system, course creation, course completion tracking, points system, WooCommerce support, and comprehensive text management features.

Guru is the perfect theme for creating an online e-commerce platform for your learning services, creating a learning environment with video tutorial support, email attachments, and mail calendar integration, to create mail-chimp integration for email support. The guru gives you all this while still managing to look stunning. For an online content management system, for the LMS or a personal learning/training website, the master is most correct of the options.


With a beautiful responsive layout, MasterStudy is here to take care of your online LMS website concerns. The theme is designed with vibrant eye-catching colors and an elegant layout, which should keep the audience easily engaged. The theme is designed with deep knowledge about the education industry so that you can expect an abundance of useful features to make your work easier. Masterstudy is an excellent choice for an LMS, learning center or educational websites.


To create online course development, LMS or learning center website, BeSmart is a smart choice. Developed using Twitter Bootstrap 3 template, looks professional and smart in the meaning of the basmast word. With many features to allow easy course building and developing a proper teaching system, BeSmart is also a great option for educational blogs, event-specific websites or online tutorial websites.


After reading the above article we came to the conclusion that each WPLMS theme is perfect in itself. It just depends upon the needs of the user which type of website he just wanted to make. Now, I really hope that this article will help you a lot. If you have any queries and suggestions in mind, don’t hesitate to forget in the comment box.

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