9 Best Places to Visit in Canada

Places to Visit in Canada

Canada is the second-largest country globally and has no shortage of unique sites, beautiful landscapes, and many more things to explore. From stunning coastlines to culturally and vibrantly prosperous cities with incredible wonders. Whether you are a beach baby or some mountain lover, or just a history enthusiast, if you plan to book your flights to Canada, then one thing is assured that you won’t regret your decision for sure. 

For your help, you can check out these top-tourist attractions for sight-seeing in Canada: 

Niagara Falls 

Niagara Falls is one of the most famous sight-seeing attractions, which brings millions of tourists to this place every year. Located a few hours’ drive from Toronto, these huge waterfalls drop from a height of 57 metres approximately. All the visitors can see the gushing waterfalls falling so astoundingly. During their mid-19th to 20th century, there were numerous plunge over Niagara Falls attempts, which has now made this place a carnival town over the years. It is a significant tourist attraction for the people visiting Canada, especially with families and friend groups. 

Toronto’s CN Tower 

Located on the shores of Lake Ontario in the biggest city of Canada is the iconic CN Tower. It is one of the most famous and iconic landmarks in Canada. The CN Tower stands at an impressive height of 553 metres and dominates the skyline of the country. On the top floor of the tower, you can enjoy fine dining at the revolving 360 Restaurant with stunning views of the lake from all around. The CN Tower’s glass offers beautiful views of the entire area, and those who do choose to go upstairs can admire the structure, which is almost visible from every corner of the city. So when you book your India to Canada flight, do visit CN Tower once.

Old Quebec (Vieux-Quebec) 

Old Quebec is a UNESCO recognised World Heritage Site and is one of the historical gems of Canada. It is spread across Quebec’s upper and lower town and contains the most historic building in the city. Along the St. Lawrence River, you will find an original settlement and home to Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac, as well as several other treasures. Old Quebec is one of Canada’s most historical locations and attracts many history buffs from different parts of the world. In addition to the historical buildings, it also has many unique shops and restaurants. 


Almost a few hours drive from Vancouver, and you will find a famous ski resort and a quaint small village of Whistler. This village has always been an important winter sports area, and many tourists book their India to Canada flight tickets to take part in the various winter sports activities here. Many popular winter sports activities like golf, mountain biking, skiing and many more outdoor opportunities are available in this town of Canada. Whistler was the location for the Winter Olympic Games in 2010. 

Ottawa’s Parliament Hill 

The very popular Ottawa’s Parliament Hill is one of the oldest buildings in the country. It is graced by Neo-Gothic style design that was built in the last half of the 19th century. One of the most prominent features of the building is the Peace Tower, which divides commons and senates into different sides. The Parliament Hill building also features the Centennial Flame, lit in remembrance of the centenary Candian Confederation. Just behind the building, you will find a beautiful sculpture garden. 

St. John’s Signal Hill National Historic Site 

Just at the entrance to St. John’s Harbor, you will find a overlooking city and sea, which is Signal Hill National Historic Site. It was here in 1901 and has been the first wireless transatlantic signal which was received. It also played a strategic role in the seven years war with France. One key site of this location is the Cabot Tower which was built in 1897 to mark the four hundredth anniversary of the discovery of Newfoundland. From the top, you can panoramic and landscape views of the whole city and coastlines of Canada. 

Old Montreal 

Old Montreal is lined with so many historic buildings and a great place to go shopping and dining. At the same time, Montreal is a great modern city laid along the waterfront where most of the tourists come to soak up in the relaxing atmosphere. Some of the top-rated tourist places in Old Montreal are Rue Bonsecours, Notre-Dame Basilica, City Hall and Place Jacques-Cartier. If you are a history buff and plan to book India to Canada flight tickets, Old Montreal is the first place you should visit. 

Vancouver Island 

Vancouver Island is less than an hour ferry ride from the mainland. Most of the travellers visit this island for getting a world away environment. It has stunningly beautiful landscapes, and the island holds some amazing and unexpected landscapes. Vancouver Island is an ideal place to visit in Canada, especially for nature lovers, because you will get to enjoy beautiful camping locations, numerous hiking trails, and many lodges and resorts to relax in the soothing environment. 

Banff National Park & Rocky Mountains 

Banff National Park is a famous location in Canada that lies in the centre of the magnificent Rocky Mountains in the province of Alberta. It encompasses the most beautiful and scenic views of Canada. Visitors can get glimpses of turquoise coloured lakes, and snow-capped peaks and sparkling white glaciers in this stunning national park. The park’s jewel is Louise lake, whose clean and clear water reflects the surrounding glaciers and mountains where visitors can enjoy strolling around. 

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