The two wheelers have covered a long distance ever since they have made their presence in the human civilization, transforming the lifestyle for the good. The recent electrification of the two wheelers have made the transportation even more smooth and interesting opening the avenues of e revolution across the globe. India has also seen a steady growth in the sales and usage of these chargeable scooters in the last couple of years and the growth is expected to yield even better results in the forthcoming years, as per the survey and statistics presented by the market experts. 

Without much realization these chargeable scooters have become a part and parcel of the modern lifestyle, and why not? The advantage over the petrol based two wheelers are making the buyers to give a thought on opting for electric ones.  with the support of the government provisions and the homegrown companies offering chargeable scooters, the e revolution in terms of transportation has got its way.  

It is evident that there are plenty of options available in the market, but before you hop into checking the latest electric scooters and buy one of those here are some points of comparison between electric scooter and petrol scooter to help you make an informed choice. 


The chargeable scooters can be a little expensive as compared to their petrol counterparts despite the FAME II subsidy offered by the government of India.  However, the affordable options are available in the market too. These chargeable scooters are designed for short operational range and with slower speeds. However due to the high quality of the Li-Ion batteries integrated in the latest electric scooters, these have better charge cycle and longevity.  

Fuel Cost

As per the available comparison a chargeable scooter or an e bike will offer almost the same mileage as a petrol scooter. An average petrol scooter covers about 50-60 kilometers per liter, and any latest electric scooter can offer about a reduction of about less than half the petrol cost, making it a pocket friendly option. Given that the petrol price is only ascending upwards the affordability offered by the electric vehicles cannot be overlooked.

Operational range   

Certainly, there have been good amount of concerns related to the operational range of the electric bikes and scooters. The verdict which has always passed on, is that range of the conventional scooters is not limited to short distance alone owing to the availability of the refueling option every kilometer. The chargeable scooters on the other hand are yet to overcome the recharging factor. However, it is to be noted that among the latest electric scooter options available the introduction of swappable batteries has reduced such concerns and the users can always have a backup to recharge their vehicle and continue their ride without disruption. 


As is known the petrol scooters must be regularly serviced requires replacement of the worn-out parts. The chargeable scooters are advocated by the manufacturers as easy to maintain vehicles. However, that doesn’t mean one can simply not take care of it. However just to clear the air of confusion and the myths that there are not many maintenances center or service center available for these vehicles. Let us for example take the instance of Gemopai, who offer road side assistance in case of any such requirement, as well as three years warranty and free service for the period to the buyers. Apart from that the manufacturers have become even more concerned about the customer assistance than before. 


In India about 70 percent of all the registered vehicles are two wheelers, contributing almost 20% of the total carbon emissions and 30% particulate emissions in the urban areas. Thus, the emission level of the traditional two wheelers is extremely high. On the contrary, the electric vehicles and chargeable scooters offer the opportunity to cut down the pollution level enormously as they are emission free. Even in terms of noise pollution the electric vehicles have an upper hand as a they cause a bare minimum noise as compared to the petrol vehicles.

A gift to the future

The electric vehicles are considered a futuristic move, not only for the technological advancements, but also because they reduce the dependency on crude oil, the resources for which is getting depleted at an alarming rate. However, the production of electricity is not essentially exhaustive in nature, hence the increase in usage of the chargeable scooters and other electric vehicles will help us save our resources for the future generation. 

Benefit to the country

Yes, by purchasing an electric chargeable scooter one can add benefit the country economically, first by adding to sales of the electric vehicles as most of the homegrown manufacturers will receive a push in their business. This will in turn support the ‘Make in India concept’ initiated by the government. Above all this will also reduce the import of the petrol or crude oil for the country based on the reduction on the usage of petrol vehicles. 

In conclusion

from the above-mentioned reasons if you are looking out to buy any of the latest electric scooters you might expect convenience in terms of ride quality, as these vehicles are comparatively silent and vibration free, hence offer more ease as compared to the petrol scooters. Also, with the current innovations you can easily charge your electric scooters right at your home and avoid going to the fuel stations altogether. Another motivating factor to switch to chargeable scooter is the satisfaction that you are amongst one of the early adopters of EVs in the country and are focused towards a smart lifestyle and futuristic move. Electric two wheelers are spearheading the transformation of mobility in India as well as ushering in the e revolution which has the potential to bring in even more technological changes and advancement to the country overall. 

By Darbaar

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