4 Amazing attentiveness Activities for the child care center

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Are you handling a child care center? Do you provide the best services and amenities? Have you ever taken a review from parents about how their children are feeling at the early learning center?

It’s an effective and efficient way to develop a toddler’s skills by arranging various attentive activities. Learning various techniques while playing is the best way to teach children anything. Children can get practical knowledge with the activities and understand it quickly and effectively.

Attentive activities help kids to learn coordination, maintain balance, and more skills. It helps them to learn something new every time while having fun. Games can entertain children’s attention and encourage them to run, jump, sing, and socialize with others.

But during this COVID-19 season, you must remember that social distancing is a must. Make sure children won’t touch each other or share the things that spread germs and bacteria. 

Do you have any ideas about attentive activities that help to develop a child’s skills? If you don’t have much idea about such games or activities, do not worry.

Here’s the kicker:

Memory Game

By this type of game, you can develop kids’ memories. It helps them to remember multiple things at a time. In this game, you have to show them one picture for 10  minutes. Then instruct them to list down the things they notice in that picture.

You can tell them to remember various things they have seen in a picture or story, whatever you have been shown to them. Turn by turn, let them speak the list of things. It makes them learn about remembering multiple things at once, and it also develops their attention span.

Musical Chair

You can arrange the musical chair. In that, arrange the chairs in one with an opposite direction alternative. Play some music and tell children to walk around the set of chairs. Instruct children to sit on the chair when the music stops.

It helps to teach children to focus on music and chair both the things at the same time. It develops concentration and curiosity. As listening to music and taking action just after the music stops enhancing children’s action taking skills.


Give children toys or other playing things of various sizes and colors. Tell children to classify it according to the colors/sizes. For example, tell them to make a group of five toys of red color, 5 toys that are bigger among all, and so on.

Such classification helps them to learn how to identify various colors and sizes. It improves their self-learning skills, mathematical skills, and sharpens their minds to notice everything around them.

Active Discussion

Tell children to learn something new every day. Arrange the session in which every child discusses some topics with others. They can tell stories, sing rhymes, ask some general questions, and so on.

Teachers can also tell stories or make them aware of what is currently going on. For example, according to the current scenario, teachers can discuss coronavirus with the children, give knowledge about how to stay safe without taking tension.


Attentiveness activities encourage children to participate, develop their self-learning skills and mathematical skills, and boost their self-confidence.

Mainly through the various exciting and logical activities, teachers can teach them various lessons of life. It impacts more on kids’ minds and prepares them for further education and employment also.

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