How Tutoring Can Improve Your Grammar and Writing Skills

grammar and writing skills

In today’s day and age, grammar and writing skills in students are falling behind due to the increase in phone and computer usage. It’s now so easy to rely on autocorrect when we text or type an email, and this leaves us to not rely on our own knowledge, which in turn, is making us dumb (yes, I said it!). 

The same goes for all of the information that is online – the world is our oyster when it comes to how much information is out there for us to explore, and makes it too easy to write a paper on a subject without actually researching the topic for ourselves. If you are in high school and preparing for college, I’m sure that you’ve heard it’s an entirely different ball game. If you want to take your education seriously, and understand some of the downsides to the increase in technology, you may want to consider utilizing a tutor to better enhance your grammar and writing skills. Here’s why:

There’s no shortcuts

When using a tutor to improve grammar and writing, there won’t be a way to use autocorrect or to Google the answer. The tutor (and you) will be able to confront the grammatical and writing errors that you may have and correct them in real time. You are able to have someone who is a professional in the subject to correct your errors as well as explain why you are incorrect. This is very important when learning, and this one-on-one attention sometimes falls to the wayside when you are in a classroom with 20 or so other students. 

You are being held accountable

When you choose to utilize a tutor, you are now being held accountable. It is easy to avoid grammar and writing exercises when you are teaching yourself, but when you have allocated sessions throughout the week, you are set in your path and cannot avoid doing it. Sometimes, that’s what it takes to get a student to do their work – having someone there to push them and encourage them, and to help them when they need it. 

You will be getting routinely tested 

Tutors aren’t just there to correct mistakes – they are there to provide material that will help the student truly learn. To have a tutor there who knows what level you are at, and can test you based off of that understanding, is extremely beneficial to any student. By routinely testing the student to ensure proper learning, a tutor can then know what to help the student with, and know what next step to take. 

Why is it important?

Essentially cheating your way through tests, exams and papers will not get you anywhere when it comes to the real world. You want to ensure that your grammar and writing skills are above par. No matter if you want to be an engineer or a journalist, these skills are important regardless of the specific field you are in. When going through college, you want to be able to effectively and professionally communicate with your professors and peers, and if you want to hold an important role in a club, you will be expected to do so to a higher caliber.

Smart Tutor is based in St. Petersburg, Florida and we offer online and in-person writing and grammar tutoring that falls under the English category. We can help you to adequately improve your writing and grammar skills, whether you are trying to improve in your English subjects, write your college essay, prepare for college-level English, or more – we are there to help and ensure proper understanding. 

We also offer one-on-one and group tutoring for most subjects, including mathematics, science, language and more, including test prep for the SAT, ACT, and GED. 

Our language tutors near me go through a rigorous hiring process of a background check, reference check, and more. We only hire 2 out of every 10 tutors we interview due to our selectiveness, so you can be confident that your tutor will meet your expectations and beyond. We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you can feel comfortable knowing that you’ve made the right choice by choosing Miles Smart Tutoring for your educational needs. 

We want to help you to achieve your personal and professional goals. We truly care for our students, and our results speak for themselves. We were the recipient of the 2019 ‘Best of St. Petersburg Award in the Area of Tutoring Service,’ we have a 5-star Google rating, and we helped students receive over $11 million in grants and scholarships based on an increase in SAT and ACT test scores.

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