How to Choose the Right Car Canopy

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Most cars are designed to tough out exposure to environmental factors like extreme sunlight, heavy rain, snow, wind, and humidity among other external elements. However, prolonged exposure may cause damage and deterioration of your vehicle’s exteriors, something you may want to avoid at all cost if you love your car. Car canopies are creative, well-built shelters and your car’s defense against the aforementioned factors. A car canopy is an excellent idea for you to consider if you are serious about protecting your car and preserving its good looks. Looking to buy a car canopy? Here are some useful tips on how to choose the right car canopy.

Type of Canopy

Car canopies come in all manner of designs, shapes, sizes, and colors. These factors are what’s mainly used to distinguish which type of canopy different customers prefer. But beyond such features, a most important yet often forgotten feature is the canopy material.

The type of material used to make different canopies directly impacts how durable it is and how much protection it can offer for your vehicle. Common car canopy materials include:

  • Timber canopy
  • Steel canopy
  • Canvas canopy 
  • Vinyl canopy
  • Polythene canopy
  • Aluminum canopy and so on.

All of the above canopy types are fit to set up as a free-standing structure or an attachment to your home and garage. They are all generally durable and can serve you for years and years with little or no maintenance.

Have an Idea of What you Want First

There being a near endless list of canopy varieties, it helps to have a rough idea of what would be an ideal canopy to house your car. This way, you are not lost for choice and don’t end up choosing something that you might regret later on. 

Consider the size of your car, how many cars you want to shelter under the canopy. This way, you know which canopy size would be adequate. Remember also to consider your climate to figure out which material to choose. One other deciding factor includes how much space you have on your property to accommodate the car canopy.

Permanent or Portable Canopy

Some people prefer portable canopies to permanent ones while others prefer permanent ones to portable canopies. Usually, it all narrows down to preference. But sometimes, factors such as available space on location may steer you to one side. For example, when you have less space and want to enjoy convenience when accessing your car, permanent canopies tend to do the trick. However, if you have plenty of outdoor space and you need more storage space for extra stuff, most portable canopies are free-standing and large enough to accommodate your needs.

Climate/ Weather

Each car canopy is designed to tough out a variety of external factors. It’s however good to note that some may do better than others. For example, steel, canvas, and vinyl canopies offer excellent protection against snowy, windy, rainy, and sunny weather. Alternatively, timber canopies do well in areas that are generally dry and less humid. Polythene canopies fit perfectly in nearly any kind of weather.

The best car canopy is one that can protect your vehicle from the harmful effects of exposure to corrosive elements, UV rays, and other external and environmental factors.

With the right Car canopy, you worry less about the safety and protection of your vehicles. They are a good investment to purchase especially when you want to ensure your other larger investment, your cars are adequately sheltered. Above are insightful tips on how to find the perfect fit.

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