How to build your App Marketing Growth Loop with ASO & Search Ads

app store optimization

Building a growth loop is a repetitive process that can take months and years to complete. There is an immense need for teams to contemplate their products and core features to make their future growth effective. Once you have driven the growth, it does not necessarily ensure the sustainability of your loop. 

If your business has a mobile application and you are looking for ways to enhance marketing growth, then App Store Optimization and Search advertisements are ideally suitable for you. 

Beginner-friendly ways of building an app marketing growth 

When it comes to marketing your app market growth, app developers have infinite opportunities. But to make your app marketing campaign a successful one, you must give utmost priority and importance to organic channels. People all over the world can find you organically in App Store, Play Store, Referrals, and whatnot. However, many people commence their app marketing campaigns by investing money in various paid channels before even considering the potential of many organic channels.

On the other hand, the app marketing growth loop should focus on both organic and paid strategies. 

Now is the time to get facilitated with an amalgamation of app store optimization and search advertisements. ASO is crucial for the overall growth of your application. Seventy percent of the applications are found through the Application store whereas sixty-five percent of the downloads often come from search. However, if the optimization in App Store succeeds, users will end up having a multitude of benefits of the growth loop.

The benefits of growth loop

– Reduces the cost whenever someone downloads the application.

– Leaves a direct and positive impact on organic traffic

– The users who search applications are more loyal, they have searched the application because they need something.

– This lop provides strategies to keep the team focused and dedicated.

Get started with app store optimization

App Store Optimization plays an indispensable role in improving the visibility of an application within the App Store. Also, it improves the overall conversion rates. This is one of the best ways to attract the target audience so that only relevant people see your advertisement.

Getting more and more downloads through paid advertisements might seem tempting because what kind of business wouldn’t want to see an immediate increase in downloads. But always remember one thing, this game cannot be played for too long so your application can be dropped down the funnel if more and more people uninstall it.

Comparison of App Store Optimization with Search Engine Optimization

There are various ways of finding the right users for the right applications. So, whenever you type a keyword in an App Store, it will end up showing you all the relevant applications.

Keyword research for ASO is as important as keyword research for SEO. Always ensure to use the keywords that are competitive and highly relevant to your business operations. If you use relevant keywords in the description of your application, it will help in fueling the organic ranking of your application.

Titles, subtitles, and creativity are essential for App Store Optimization

– How to describe the functions of your application? And, what tone of voice should be used?

– What is the call to action? And what is the target audience?

Ratings, reviews, and feedback are imperative for App Store Optimization too. Good and positive reviews are essential for people to think good about your application. Additionally, the total amount of installations, the performance of an application, and retention rate also leave a significant impact on App Store Optimization.

Getting started with search Ads

Just like Google AdWords, Search Ads also target the users with various keywords that are searched in an App Store. Search ads play a crucial role in making your application competitive as not every application ranks number 1. If a customer sees an application they are looking for, they are highly likely to click on it and get the results promptly. You are thinking to go above and beyond the ranking of your competitors, right? Well, keep one thing in mind. They might be thinking to do the same.

The ads need to be relevant according to the keywords you are bidding on. Always avoid using automatic bidding on search ads, or you will end up burning the money. Always keep it relevant and on point to the application.

How do App Store Optimization and Service Ads Work Simultaneously?

Always consider the app store optimization and service ads as one. They are counted as one machine that works concurrently for the attainment of business objectives. First of all, get the app store optimization done effectively. Once you get this thing right, you can explore more by organizing the search ads. However, if you want to increase the app marketing growth loop with the help of App Store Optimization and Search ads, then learn to make tweaks and amendments in your strategy now and then.

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