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Have you decided that it’s time for your business to conquer the Internet? The best WordPress design Vancouver company offers you to order the development of a website on WordPress – one of the most convenient and functional content management systems.

Our specialists will create a website on CMS WordPress for any project, develop an individual design, fill it with the necessary information and create the necessary functionality.

Why is it worth ordering a website on WordPress Design Vancouver?

CMS WordPress (abbreviated as WP) is the most popular site management system. 42% of sites on the Internet run on this platform, plus it’s completely free. The economy of this CMS also lies in the intuitive and user-friendly interface, you can create your own content. At WordPress design Vancouver, we can create sites such as business card sites, Landing pages, corporate sites, blogs using WordPress CSM. On this CMS, online stores and directory sites are made, however, for such sites, we recommend using specialized CMS – 1C-Bitrix or OpenCart.

Next, let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of creating WordPress sites.

Advantages of WordPress sites 

  • Low cost.
  • WordPress is a free content management system. You only need to pay for the domain and hosting to host the site in the public domain.
  • Convenient and intuitive interface.
  • If you use Microsoft Word, then you can cope with everyday tasks on WordPress: add, delete and edit texts, images and videos.
  • Stylish design.
  • CMS WordPress allows you to choose a ready-made template that will be perfect for your business. There are special templates for catering, medical direction, small business, and so on. Another important fact: the site will be automatically adapted for mobile devices. Also, our designers can develop an individual design for you.
  • The ability to develop the site .
  • The developers of this system have created a huge number of plugins that allow you to expand the functionality of your site.
  • SEO support.
  • WordPress sites are perfect for SEO promotion. With the help of our specialists, your site will easily enter the TOP-10 search results.

Disadvantages of WordPress sites

  • Safety problems.
  • As mentioned earlier, this CMS is very popular, therefore, not only novice developers, but also novice hackers train on it. Siteodrom specialists solve this problem: we install and configure plugins to protect the site from hacking, which reduce the likelihood of hacking to zero.
  • Not suitable for large sites .
  • If you need an online store or catalog, you should pay attention to other CMS. 

Administering WordPress sites 

The WordPress management system is simple and straightforward to use. The main features of working with WP:

  1. All plugins and CMS core can be updated with one click. The latest platform version updates the platform core automatically, i.e. no settings need to be made.
  2. The presence of a visual editor allows you to easily fill your site with text, tables, photos and videos.
  3. Visual Composer (VC) – plugin (available for free). With its help, a user without programming knowledge will be able to insert sliders, add feedback forms and news blocks.
  4. The ability to install additional plugins that expand the capabilities of your site: other languages, contact and order forms.
  5. SEO plugins allow you to prescribe the correct meta tags to optimize the site, which will further increase the position in the search results.

Template or custom design

The WordPress platform is ideal for developing a website on a template. There are a large number of free and paid templates, as well as templates designed for different areas of business: medical, portfolio, small business, and more. You just have to choose a template that suits the style and structure and fill it with your own content.

If you have chosen a suitable template, but you need to make small changes to it, then you can always order a website redesign and, as a result, get your ideal website.

Usually a WordPress site is developed on templates, but you can easily order the creation of a site with an individual design. To do this, layout designers and programmers create a template developed by a designer and based on it, create an absolutely unique site.

How to order a website on WordPress?

To order a WordPress website on a template or with an individual design, fill out the form and our manager will contact you.

Why is it profitable to work with us?

You can choose the best option for creating a website and its further technical support.

We develop sites on 1C Bitrix, WordPress, OpenCart, Joomla on a template or with an individual design. We provide high-quality technical support.

Free consultations every day during the site maintenance period.

We conclude an agreement with legal entities and individuals, provide a full package of accounting documents for our services.

We back up the site, as a result, your site can always be restored.

You can choose a ready-made website template or order an individual turnkey design for any area of business with adaptation for mobile devices.

We create unique and stylish websites.

We provide related services in the field of SEO promotion and contextual advertising.

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