Yahoo error code 475 and that suspicious activity

Yahoo mail is an email service offered by Yahoo being a messaging solution which allows us to stay connected with our peers wherein everyone is one mail away. All this is possible by brilliant expertise and smart technology. But everything doesn’t remain the same because of the advancement of technology each day.

The users complained that they are not able to send emails by Yahoo error code 475 and that suspicious activity was noticed. But all thanks to Yahoo since it secures the users account from spam and suspicious activity of hackers or any sort of malware and virus. The only difference that would be created is that you will not be able to send emails.


Whenever this code pops up it means that some suspicious activity was detected and due to that reason, the user is unable to send emails.  Now I will be listing out certain ways that might lead to this issue.

Yahoo error code 475 and that suspicious activity
  1. Sending a lot of emails in a short span of time then Yahoo will block the account on its own.
  2. If the email includes false or copied information, then also Yahoo might prevent the user.
  3. Sending the same emails to multiple pities or recipients, will be counted as spam.
  4. If the user faces any issue while sending email then there are chances that the mail might be stuck in the outbox folder. If you delete it then Error code 475 might get deleted.

Even if you are still struggling to remove the issue, then below I will be listing out a few methods to tackle the situation in a much more effective way. The procedure to be followed are as

  • Initiate by deleting the emails in the outbox folder, in case you fail to send the emails then it is pretty obvious that the email must have been stuck in the folder. Then in that case Yahoo will not allow you to send mails.
  • But you may eradicate this issue by simply opening the Yahoo mail app and then hit on the menu tab. Furthermore, clear the outbox folder by deleting the message whichever is present there. Then simply restart the application and you will be amazed to see the issue has been resolved.
  • Alter the password of the account, since it has been reported that the issue prevents the user from sending the emails. In that case go to the menu and switch to settings, click on the manage accounts and further on account information. A screen will be displayed which will allow you to change password.
  • Wait is the real name of struggle, Yahoo on an average takes 12 hours before taking any action to eradicate this issue. By any chance if the methods mentioned above fails to solve the issue then the user will have to wait. And even if the problem is not solved then feel free to contact the customer support help.


It is one of those codes that occurs quite frequently, the users face this issue again while sending the email and sometimes even by logging into the account. It might cause stress to the users as there is no proper solution to the issue.

Yet below I will be mentioning the steps you could follow so as to avoid the issue:

  1. Start your pc and log in as administrator.
  2. Hit all programs.
  3. Click in the restore system option.
  4. Hit on the next button to continue further.
  5. After you are done with all the steps, reboot your pc.
  6. Then try logging into the account. Most of the time the problem is resolved but still if you face any problem then reach out to the customer service and they will take you out of Yahoo error code 1242.

The methods will fit the choice successfully and we are ready to serve each of our customers because we believe in delivering quality and rich content. For more fresh content keep yourself updated with, For further queries you may approach us directly.

By Anurag Rathod

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