Truck body Material Innovations

material innovations

Truck body innovations have made it possible to deliver the same kind of performance that traditional materials reliably provide in a much lighter package. Innovations in advanced composite materials have made truck bodies much more lightweight without sacrificing any measure of durability. Fiberglass truck bodies are made out of the same material as bullet proof vests and military helmets. Helmets were made out of steel before the United States army upgraded them to advanced composite materials. Innovations drive change, and innovative lightweight materials are changing the way that fleets make truck body choices.

Truck Body Weight Reduction Benefits

Truck body weight reduction has many benefits to fleets. Reducing the overall weight of a truck body means that there is that much more payload capacity on the truck itself. Any time excess weight on a service vehicle can be avoided without sacrificing performance, that is definitely a good approach. Weight reduction also limits the amount of wear and tear on the brakes and suspension system of a service vehicle. In many cases, these vehicles are used on an ongoing basis. An overloaded service truck that is at its maximum capacity is one that will need replacing sooner rather than later. Rather than overloading a truck, it is a great idea to consider a much lighter truck body. That way, there is greater payload capacity, and it becomes much more difficult to overload the service vehicle.

Truck Body Decisions You Didn’t Know You Could Make

Truck body choices and options are going to impact the future of how fleet business happens. One important impact of a lighter truck body is the reduction of fuel consumption. A reduced amount of fuel consumption leads to a smaller carbon footprint. In the case of one vehicle, this may not seem like a big deal, but in the case of national fleets, where there are literally tens of thousands of service vehicles, every ten pounds of weight reduction makes a huge difference. Advanced composite truck bodies often weigh half of the weight of steel bodies. All of that weight doesn’t need to impact the shocks, brakes and other basic systems of fleet service vehicles.

Truck Body Advantages To Lightweight Materials

Truck body manufacturers understand that there are many advantages to making a lightweight product. The lighter the truck body, the more tools and equipment you can put in your vehicle without going over any weight limits. By choosing a lighter truck body, a fleet manager is protecting the longevity of his or her fleet. Chassis experience less wear and tear when they bear a lighter load, which means less replacement costs for brakes and suspension related maintenance. The practical advantages of a lighter truck body extend way beyond lower maintenance costs and more payload. It is a fact that lighter vehicles have a lesser impact on the environment.

Truck Body Considerations For Sustainability

Truck body considerations for sustainability are directly tied to the overall weight of a service vehicle. Several scientific studies have shown that there is a direct relationship between the weight of a vehicle and the amount of emissions that it generates per mile. It is estimated that fleets can avoid putting thousands of tons of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere when they make lightweight truck body choices. Additionally, some advanced composite materials are being used that can be remounted several times. A service truck chassis can only last five to seven years, but an advanced composite truck body can last 25 or even 30 years.

Truck Body Advances in Composite Materials

Truck body advancements continue to occur in those manufacturing organizations that use fiberglass and other composite materials. Composite materials do not rust, bend or corrode, and they maintain a clean, clear appearance for their lifetime. Because the color is not applied to the outside of the composite material, it cannot fade. Instead, the color is within the material itself. If at any time the material is damaged, it can simply be cut out and replaced with a patch that matches perfectly with the original body. For the record, this is possible although it is quite rare. Additional advances in composite materials technology include truck beds with the ability to bear similar loads to steel. The weight advantage of composite materials is startlingly obvious, and the presumed strength of steel is now being challenged.

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