Legally own the Alakowe taxi app clone

akowe taxi app clone

Many people these days hear about the Alakowe Taxi app clone and other such taxi app clones in the market. They are often worried about the legality of owning such apps. If you are reading this blog, chances are that you wish to have your own taxi booking app. But should be absolutely sure that whatever you are doing is absolutely legal.

So, here’s a little explanation on how mobile apps are built. How it can be launched as an effective business.

The first step when it comes to building an app of any kind is to decide its purpose. Then build an architecture of the app that is pertaining to the requirement that you have. You can have a broad idea of what the application should do. You also need to have a detailed logic in building the app for every scenario.

Development of Application

For this to happen, the coding has to be perfect. Now, in the development world, a real time application like the taxi booking app which has many complicated features takes a lot of research to build. This is where in cloning comes into picture.

Development experts start researching an existing application instead of researching a million real world situations. This app that they research is essentially an existing one. It has already done most of the home work about what are the different possibilities in using the app.

Then after the research process, they build and code an app based on their analysis of the existing app. This process is entirely legal. No one is stealing anything from anyone, but using their app as a reference to build something on their own. This process is called cloning. This is why it is an entirely legal process.

If you still have a doubt whether your mobile app development company is selling you an Alakowe taxi app clone, just make sure that your purchase order makes it mandatory for the developers to launch the app for you.

Launch legality

When you publish your apps on the Apple App store and the Google Play store, it doesn’t get approved and launched immediately. There is a dedicated team at these places to ensure that what you have built is absolutely legal by all stretches and doesn’t violate any of their rules.

You can visit their site to get a detailed idea of all the rules and regulations that they have and the various parameters they take into consideration. Your mobile app development company will only be able to build these apps and get them launched if they pass all these parameters.

While you can call your app an Alakowe app clone, you can not use their name or logo in your final application. This is something that is considered as duplication and the stores won’t allow you to do so. Just discuss well with your mobile app development company all these details when you buy your application.

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