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The winter season can be burdensome for many, mainly for those who are afraid of sidewalk and driveway especially when there is heavy snow collected outside the house. However, there are different applications now which can really help people in avoiding some of the problems of winter weather like removing snow from the blocked road, house, etc. Snow removal apps made it easier for people to make their work comfortable by removing the snow from unwanted places. It also helped a lot to boom shoveling businesses to get more jobs and earn an unbeatable amount of profit. These applications have some special features which help the users to clean their driveway like they have to upload the profile picture along with the size of the walkway or driveway.

Contacting the snow shovellers was not less than shifting a mountain before the arrival of snow removal applications. These applications have really created a good image in the market for their superb services.

Features of Eden app clone Snow removal service platform


Here, the user needs to register on the application by proving email address or phone number or with any other social media platform.

Profile Page

Profile page consists of profile picture, name address and the exact location of that specific area where the service has to be availed.

The search column

The search column is the main key of the application as the user gets to know about the snow removing businesses nearby them.

Filter option

In this column, customers can make filters according to their choice like, at what time they want to get the service, they can set the area they want to get cleaned, user scan also set their budget here.

Push notifications

The users get push notifications from time to time. Any kind of changes made in the plan or any update in the application is notified to the customers with this option.

Ratings or Reviews

Users can give ratings on the basis of the job done.

Map guidance

The employees of the snow clearing app are provided with map guidance feature to reach their destination without any problem. This also helps them to reach on time.

Easy Payment options

Customers can pay the bill with cash or with credit cards. Wallet option is also available in the application to pay the bill. Wallets can be easily recharged with credit cards.

There are many snow removal apps in the market but you need to check that your application is unique and unbeatable. If you are planning to start your own business with snow removal app you can go with Eden app clone or with any other app which provides you with an amazing user interface.

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