Air Vs. Sea: Which Freight Service Is Better?

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A long time ago, the only means to transport goods from one country to another was through ships. However, as the world advanced with amazing discoveries, not only were the methods of shipping modified, but we were also given an alternate method through aeroplanes. So now if you’re looking to send across goods internationally, be it for personal or business reasons, and can’t figure out which method suits you best, keep reading to find out.

Time and Speed

It is a well-known fact that cargo sent through ships take longer than being sent through air. While sea shipments tend to take a month to reach its destination, air shipments take less than a week or so at least.  Air freight services has a healthy reputation for being on schedule whereas with ocean freight services there could be chances of delay for more than just a day or two. Reliability and speed are an important factor and it’s also a factor that depends on your timeline and delivery needs. 

Level of Cost

Although choosing to send your cargo through air ensures a quick delivery and less hassle, it comes with the cost of high pricing. You can choose freight forwarding services according to the weight of your cargo and budget. Even though flights are considered to be more costly, it does also does depend on the size of your cargo. For example, be it for personal or business reasons, bulk items are commonly preferred to be sent across through shipment not just due to the quantity but also because it’s comparatively cheaper. 

Convenience and Access

If you’re looking to choose a shipment service that doesn’t require long periods of processing and other inconvenience, then flights are the right way to go. The services are handled quicker with less congestion and trouble. Whereas choosing ships to deliver the goods goes through a hefty process with a lot of congestion and possibilities in extended delays depending on custom clearance and other issues.

Size and Type of Goods

Regardless of the differences between air and sea methods of transport, the type of goods you decide to send is important in helping you select your means. If you’re going for bigger quantity of goods in a cargo, then flights aren’t going to be a convenient choice regardless of time taken or easy access. However, if you’re quantity is quite small, it’s much more worth sending it over through the air than ocean. It also depends on whether your goods will last as long as one month or more as ships take a longer time period.

Environmental Impact

With climate change becoming a huge concern, we as humans, need to do what little we can by taking responsibility and make the earth a better place. The emission of carbon dioxide in ships is extremely less whereas aeroplanes are known to have much higher emission. This could have a negative impact on the environment and is therefore something that also needs to be taken into consideration.

Which freight services do you prefer using and why?

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