8 Hacks To Write Long-Form Content

writing long form content

Long-form content is useful to anyone who has a lot to say. That is, for everyone: from a marketing agency to a home improvement store.

With long-form content, you can tell an exciting story, enhancing the radiance of your brand. Reviews, instructions, cases, investigations are all long-form content. And of course, you can successfully sell through it.

Top Tips For Writing Long-Form Content

If you want your long-form content to be read to the end, try at least 3-5 tips, combining depending on the topic. Then there will be readings and even sales for you.

1. Description Of The Target Audience

Add brief information about those readers for whom the content will be most useful. Then a larger number of readings will be from the target audience.

Example: In a lengthy content about dissertation writing services in UK for beginners, the author from the first line clearly should identify the target audience.

2. Images Between Paragraphs

Animated (gif) or static images add a particular flavor to the text. Use them to dilute large blocks of basic theory, or use them where the reader can look at a picture and connect with it.

Example: In an article on productivity ideas, the author can use GIFs with many famous characters from TV series and cartoons.

3. Testing Readers

If you are writing a guide or instruction, invite readers to consolidate their knowledge with a test. Put it at the beginning of the article and at the end. It will show people how much your material taught them.

Example: In the article on the rules for writing a working resume, you can test the ability to fill out the Profile section. In addition to the answers, detailed explanations should be given why the option is good or bad.

4. Show Product

Reinforce your expertise and tell in a long read about the product – all its qualities, functions, advantages, and how to use it. This simple trick will bring potential customers even closer to buying.

Example: In the material on the information portal of the bank, there can be an image of their product – a debit card, which schematically shows what information is placed on it.

5. Give Your Own Example

This is not selfishness (well, almost), but a technique by which you show the reader that you were also in a difficult situation common to you. The person will decide “Oh, he/she got into this too” and will want to finish reading the long-form content to find out how it ended.

Example: Why not compare yourself with a famous character in a story? It will turn out as clearly as possible.

6. Provocation

Reinforce paragraphs with emotional endings. When a person reads a text from several paragraphs, he/she remembers the last 2-3 lines best. The most important information is best placed there. Well, or finish the thought with a catchy phrase.

Example: In some cases, you can resort to very provocative statements; they will definitely generate the emotions.

7. Transfer Of Emotions

Facts are cool but much more interesting if you present them as a picture of life. You can use words that you communicate orally, describe what is happening so that the situation is drawn in the minds of readers.

Example: Tell, for example, how you started your business, creating dynamics through a bunch of verbs and short sentences.

8. Interact With Readers

Add interactivity to your long-form content. Ask people for opinions and needs through surveys; this is a great way to study the target audience and get feedback.

Example: In an article on essay writing services in UK, ask readers what they think about such services. Following this long-form content, you can write another material based on the survey data.


Long-form content should not be just a long text with a couple of headings. It should catch the readers, grab their eyes and lead them to the end. And that it is up to you to decide how to write long-form content – will it sell or only educate people.

These are, of course, many long-form content tricks, and you can find just as many of them. But we have collected the most practical ones that really work.

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