World Without Wholesalers & Advantages of Wholesaler

wholesale market in india

Are you looking for a wholesaler? Are you doubtful if you should connect with one or not? Today all your doubts regarding the wholesale market in India and whether you should go for it or not will be banished through this blog. 

Wholesale Defined:

Wholesale is selling goods to retailers in bulk quantities from another distributor or producer and selling them at a retail store to the direct consumers. Hence buying bulk produce is the first step for the product to reach the market. So, one can understand the wholesaler as a partner who bridges the gap between manufacturers and retailers.

Have you ever wondered what the world would be like without a wholesaler? Let’s paint a picture where there is no wholesaler alone and know the kind of inconvenience, we will go through because of this. 

  1. As wholesalers hold on to large stocks for us but if this bridge is eliminated then the retailers won’t be able to accommodate so many goods in a place which will result in a shortage of goods in the market. 
  2. A retailer will not have a one-stop shop for most of the goods Hence, he or she will have to get the goods from all kinds of manufacturers which will involve a lot of transportation costs. This will increase the price of the goods for the common consumers. 
  3. All kinds of risk will be handled by the retailer which is no social service hence in the send such risk and connected losses will also be transferred and born by the common consumers like you and us. 

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Now if you are doubt about partnering with whole sellers then let’s go through this quick list of benefits that you can reap with the help of wholesale purchase.

1.Better discount and grab allowances 

If you buy in bulk, it’s guaranteed that you will get a discount from the manufacturer. You can receive a cash offer or discount on the quantity which will help you retain better profit margins. Hence, wholesale business can get their gains from bulk purchases. 

2.Readymade brand awareness

When you buy any product in bulk from the manufacturer then you don’t have to be concerned about brand awareness and credibility. It’s the job of the manufacturer hence you are free from the work of advertisement, marketing, social media brand building, etc

3.Fixed profit margin

Wholesalers need not worry about the profit margins like the manufacturer as there is a fixed earning involved. Hence, it’s the higher number of sales that get them more profit. 

There are many more benefits that are involved in the wholesaler’s market like low competition, no need for any special skill, no responsibility for the goods promotions and marketing, etc.

4.A bridge between manufacturer and retailer

As we speak of the wholesale market in Delhi there is an implied condition of huge space to store the goods purchased. Generally, a retailer is a small player in the market whose capacity to buy and store is as much as that of a wholesaler. Hence, a wholesale shop from the manufacturer and stores it in the warehouse that he owns or has rented. The retailer then picks up the goods depending on his paying and storing capacity. 

That’s why it’s essential to fill the gap between the two players in the market. 

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