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Why in this corporate world billionaires are so successful? Why is it that they remain constant in finances and fame? The secret of their success is, they go to exceptional lengths to hire the best people in the world. This is done by taking a pre-employment assessment testing so that the employer knows which applicant is suitable and the right fit for the particular job role.

A company requires employees that are highly efficient and skilled for their company to grow. Most of them just rush to hire by not following a proper screening method and that pushes their company towards an average output or even under loss. This is the outcome that almost every startup faces.

In this post, I will discuss the prospects of pre-employment testing.

What is Pre-Employment Testing?

A pre-employment test is an examination giving to the job candidate by the hiring committee. The main target of the hiring committee is to hire an employee of high potential, determine his traits and personality, his capabilities under pressure, IQ, knowledge, and as well his skills. This is a standardized approach to collect the necessary information about job applicants.

Significance of Pre-Employment Testing

The real value of this test is to recruit the most efficient and mentally strong candidate for the job opening. This test works for the betterment of the company in a long run. It eliminates the other mediocre job applicants who are not suitable for the position. By using this technique the employer hires the best applicant who can justify its position.

Why Pre-Employment Testing Should Be Used by Startups?

The first task of the startup is to hire substantial employees with an efficient skill set.  Many startups have fallen because of not having a professional approach. They lack potential employees, professionalism and only focus on expanding their business. In startups, online remote proctoring is minimum and, so is their selection of employees.

Types of Pre-Employment Testing

They can be classified, as discussed below-:

Type 1: Intelligence Test

This test measures the ability of the applicant to catch or understand instructions and to make decisions and judgments.

Type 2: Amplitude Test

It consists of:

The cognitive test measures the mental and intellectual amplitude of the applicant.

  • The motor test measures the physical ability such as hand-eye coordination

Type 3: Interest Test

This tests the areas of context in which the applicant shows interest be it an occupational or special concern in any topic.

Type 4: Personality Test

 It shows if the applicant can make the right choices in times of pressure. It also determines his/her temperament and mood.

Uses of Pre-Employment Testing

Tests provide a uniform base for comparing candidates from diverse backgrounds.

Many candidates apply together for one particular post so having valid subjective data provides a uniform evaluation.

  • These tests make it easier for the interviewers or supervisors to make a correct evaluation.

As the grounds of every test would be crystal clear the brightest applicant would make a complementary statement making it easier for the employers.

  • These tests reduce the cost of training because lesser employees will have to be trained.

The test will clear only a few employees which would have accomplished knowledge and skill set. This will save the cost of turnover as the employers would not need much training.

  • These tests minimize the time of selection and can also be judiciously used in training workers for appropriate positions by determining their ability based on test scores
  • These tests can accurately determine the applicant’s extent of knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform effectively. For example, if the applicant has scored exceptionally well in the communication section. Then he or she can perform extraordinarily in client communication which will get more orders and increased productivity.
  • As the applicant would be exceptionally advanced he or she will have a positive outlook towards work. Any pressure would not wear them down so more work would be done.
  • More efficient is the applicant the growth of the company will grow proportionally

There are several reasons why employers use pre-employment testing software. One of the most important reasons is to make sure that the job candidate is capable of doing the job. The basic reasoning is that if an applicant is given a test that he or she is unable to pass, it is a clear indication that the individual is not suitable for the job.

The pre-employment testing software can also be used to screen employees for positions where a high level of skill is required. Furthermore, the pre-employment testing software can be used to screen individuals for entry-level positions as well as promotions.

To hire a full package employee with skills, capabilities, proper behavior, experience and qualification are much better than hiring an applicant with none of the possibilities. The Pre-employment testing ensures a selection of potential applicants and also aligns the desired business outcome such as lower turnover, increased sales, and customer satisfaction.

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