Why should you choose Pashmina: The Queen of Fibers

choose pashmina

Pashmina is another name for Cashmere wool. The Cashmere wool is the wool of a special goat that lives in the mountains, including in the Himalayas. This wool is very expensive and is therefore almost always mixed with other types of wool or silk. The more Cashmere in a Cashmere scarf or Cashmere shawl and the thinner the thread, the more expensive the product! Pure Wholesale Pashmina scarves are priceless. Because the Cashmere scarf and the shawl are thinly woven, it has the property of good heat insulation at low weight. Our Cashmere shawls have these characteristics and at the same time an excellent price – quality ratio because we import them ourselves. Buying a beautiful pashmina scarf as a gift is always a success.

Buy Pashmina Scarf Online for getting the best quality

You can also check whether pure wool has been used to weave the woolen pashmina scarf by holding a thread of the scarf at a lighter and allowing it to burn slightly. A pashmina scarf will give a scorching air. If a hard point is created, the scarf will partly contain synthetic material.

You can buy a pashmina scarf and a high quality pashmina shawl or pashmina blanket in our English Creations Craze and Web Shop. You can buy the pashmina scarf in many beautiful colors. We import the pashmina ourselves from India and regularly visit the workshops where the pashmina scarf or pashmina shawl is made. We pay extra attention to the working conditions.

The Pashmina scarf exudes elegance and is a true gift for your skin because of the soft fabric. Pashmina scarves have been cherished since time immemorial because of their valuable material and functionality. The warmth and softness that these scarves entail is simply incomparable to other wools. A good Pashmina scarf requires an expert hand for spinning, weaving and embroidery.

Versatility of Pashmina Scarf

You can hardly find a better quality shawl than the Pashmina shawls manufacturer, because they are woven from very fine silky fibers. At our English Creations Craze, we offer a variety of scarves, in various colors. Choose a color that makes you feel good. You can use the scarf for different purposes: during cold winter days, as a wrap during travel, but also to complete your outfit. Handle the woolen scarves carefully to keep them beautiful for as long as possible. For example, do not put a Pashmina scarf in the washing machine and do not dry it in direct sunlight.

The best thing is that Pashmina is the thinnest and the rarest wool in the world. The scarf made by this wool has a very luxurious appearance and beautiful shine. Pashmina wool is the thinnest, fine wool in the world that, in combination with this silk, provides an extremely chic scarf. It is best to wash the scarf as little as possible. If you still want to wash it, let it steam or use lukewarm / soapy water and wash it as fine wool hand wash. Use very little detergent. Lay the scarf flat during drying.

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