Why clean water is important for our body – 9 best ideas

clean water for body


Humans cannot live without water. Though we can live for more than two weeks without food we cannot survive without water as long as this. Our body gets dehydrated and we at some point start panting. However, the water our bodies need must be clean and germ-free. If there are germs in the water we drink then it will be more dangerous than living without water. So, we should purify the drinking water using high-quality filters. Health is the major focus but our bodies need clean water for many other reasons. https://waterfilter.com.bd/ will be helpful for you guys and they make sure clean water for your family. 

Provides Nourishment

Water is one of the vital nutrients for our body. It is not a mere saying that water is life. Water helps other nutrients to function properly. Without water, our other nutritional values cannot do their part to support our normal body function. The human body consists of 60% of water. Water keeps the blood clean and gives accurate nourishment. To provide our body nourishment there is no alternative to pure and clean water. 

The Prevention of Diseases

Clean water is the most effective way of preventing waterborne diseases. Usually, the diseases spread through dirty, unclean, or contagious water. We can save ourselves from these deadly diseases by consuming clean water. 

  • Typhoid Fever: It is the most common and dangerous disease that happens because of dirty water. The nature of this fever is that it increases gradually. Our muscle aches and body become fatigued and continuously sweats. If you want to remain safe from this you have to drink clean water. 
  • Cholera: In the village areas we often see these diseases because of contaminated water. It can become a fatal one if not taken care of on time. The symptoms are continuous vomiting, diarrhea, muscle cramps, nausea, etc. Clean water keeps us safe from this disease as well. 
  • Dysentery: dysentery is another waterborne disease that we should take a look at. It causes severe diarrhea with blood and mucus in human stool. The dirty water that contains bacteria, viruses, and parasites cause this disease. 
  • Hepatitis A: This deadly disease damages our liver. If you consume contaminated water. It also spread by contacting the people who have been diagnosed with this disease. If you are not careful enough to drink water you might get infected as well. Our body needs clean water to remain safe from this deadly disease. 

Reduces Toxins

Our body consumes a lot of toxins the whole day. Be it from the air, or food, or anything else. These toxins do not get reduced easily. But when we drink clean water, it keeps our body safe from toxins. Clean water gets most of the toxins from our body through sweat. That’s why when our body sweats it stinks. Thus, clean water makes our body toxin-free. 

Good for Food Production

Our agriculture system is dependent on water. The water should be clean. If our agricultural products are produced using contaminated water, that will gradually come to our bodies. When farmers are bound to give virus-infected water on the crops, that goes inside the crops. So, in the end, we consume that. The virus and parasites that the crop got from the water, still remain. That can cause serious harm to our bodies. 

Improved Sanitation Facilities

Our bodily health is highly connected to our sanitation system. Clean water should be used for our sanitation system as well. Washing clothes with unclean water may increase the chances of getting sick. Because the clothes will contain bacteria. To stay healthy and sound in health, we have to wash clothes with clean water. Similarly, other cleaning tasks also should be done using clean water.

Helps Proper Digestion

Proper digestion is the most important function of our body. Every other function is fully related to this one. If our stomach can digest our food, then our body can function well. The digestive juice that contains water helps digest food inside the stomach. This helps to absorb the food value. If we drink contaminated water the whole function will get damaged. Only clean drinking water can save you. Scientists say that proper digestion is the root of good body health. 

Activates Body Chemistry 

As I said before, our whole body function depends on clean water. Our body works with numerous biochemical reactions. If our drinking water is clean, then these biochemical reactions function well. The sodium, magnesium, and potassium get a proper balance by clean drinking water. These are some of the basic elements that should be well-balanced. Otherwise, there might be a risk of death. 

Keeps Temperature Normal

Temperature is an important criterion of a healthy body. The human body cannot keep the temperature normal if it is not assisted with other elements. The most important element that helps thermoregulation. High body temperature can bring other malfunction of regular activities that our body organs do. Clean water performs that better. 

Keeps Kidney Healthy

Our kidney is an organ that cleans our body’s wastes. Our body eradicates unwanted or unnecessary things from our body as urine. It also helps our blood to flow perfectly to our kidneys. Water distributes the nutritional elements to our whole body. That keeps our body sound and healthy. If our kidneys are not functioning well, then our whole body will get sick. Because if it gets infected by parasites, viruses, or bacteria then we may get hepatitis A or B. These are deadly diseases that might make our lives.

Last Words

Water is the most important resource that our body needs to function properly. To be sound and keep your body in great condition, you need admittance to a dependable supply of safe drinking water. One approach to guarantee that you generally include clean water inside reach is through water refinement. 

However, it is very sad to say that we have a real crisis of pure drinking water. Well, we can ensure that through the use of water filters. A high-quality water filter can provide clean and pure drinking water to our family. If we cannot solve the crisis as a whole, we can surely save our family members by providing clean water to them. Because our body needs clean water most. 

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