White gold vs platinum – a secretive guide that jewelers won’t tell you

white gold vs platinum

In the wedding season, it is the jewelry that holds the supreme importance. Everyone at the wedding has the eyes on the jewelry of the bride only. Apart from weddings also, jewelry has a special place in everyone’s heart. People make sure to choose the best quality jewelry for their special occasions. There is a wide variety of jewelry available these days. But the jewelry which is dominating is the white gold and platinum. Both the metals are stunning and durable in appearance. The white gold and platinum have a modern and sleek look. But despite the similarities, these two metals are quite distinct from each other and are just perfect for engagement. Let us deliberate about these two metals. 

White gold vs platinum 


Generally, if you purchase a ring, you will not find any pure ring. There is never 100% and pure gold or platinum. There must be some other metal mixed in it. The platinum ring usually contains between 85-90% pure platinum, while the rest is copper and palladium. As compared to platinum, there is less percentage of pure gold in white gold. White gold rings have a lower rate of pure gold. Consequently, platinum is more refined than white gold. 

Importance of purity-

 Due to the percentage of purity, platinum is regarded as a more expensive metal than white gold. There are more precious metals in platinum as compared to white gold. Purity is of high significance because it plays a vital role in deciding the price of the jewelry. 

Hypoallergenic properties- 

Some people are allergic to some metals. Most people are allergic to nickel, which is found in white gold jewelry. But platinum is free of such allergic metals and does not cause any allergic reactions to the people. People with sensitive skin can also wear platinum jewelry. On the contrary, gold has nickel present in it, which can cause allergic reactions and is not safe for people who have sensitive skin. Before buying white gold jewelry, you should ask your jeweler about the other metals present in it. It will safeguard you from allergic reactions. 


White gold and platinum are silver-colored metals, but there is one difference between them. White gold is not naturally silver colored. White gold is not available in nature, but it is created by mixing different metals. White Gold is coated with rhodium to give it a silver shine. But there are chances that over time, the silvery finish can vanish.

Consequently, it will lead to dull jewelry. At the same time, platinum is naturally silver. It is a smooth and shiny metal and does not lose its shine over time. Moreover, scratches also do not occur in platinum jewelry. 


 Both white gold and platinum react to scratches differently. With time, white gold will wear down, but platinum will retain its shine and luster. But for maintaining platinum, you need to get the platina on the top of your ring. It will work against the scratches. Besides this, it will add a new character to your ring. Scratches are more visible on white gold as it has rhodium coating. 


 In white gold vs platinum, platinum is more dense and heavy than white gold. Due to the high density, platinum rings will be heavier and more costly than white gold. If we talk about comfort, then the platinum ring will be heavy and white gold will be light. Rest comfort depends on the individual preferences. Some prefer light jewelry, while others may feel comfortable in heavy jewelry. 

White gold vs platinum price 

Whether it is platinum, white gold, or any other metal, prices keep on fluctuating. Usually, both are priced nearly the same in the market. But platinum jewelry is more expensive than white gold. Platinum is a rare and dense metal. Besides this, purity is also more in platinum jewelry. But white gold is not that pure. Moreover, white gold is available in abundance. Consequently, it is not as expensive as platinum. 

Which is the best metal- white gold or platinum?

It depends on the choice of the individual what she prefers, white gold or platinum. If one evaluates affordability, then white gold is best because the people can afford it. Both are best in their terms. If assessed on the characteristics mentioned above, then among white gold vs platinum, it is the platinum which is best. 


White gold and platinum have their unique attributes. Both are best in their terms. Before buying jewelry, one should consider all these factors and then decide accordingly. 

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