Enhance your look with 5 affordable Jewellery Accessories

jewelry accessories

The key to the perfect clothing is accessorizing with enticing jewelry. What jewelry means for a woman cannot be described in words as it is an essential part of women. Traditional ornaments of Indian women have been attracting people all over the world for a long time. India enjoyed the status of a prosperous place in the world for the early history of jewelry. Ancient Indian women used to wear bronze, silver, copper, and many other materials jewelries. We can also see Indian mythological figures wearing exquisite jewelry. Jewelry has gone through many changes and reforms that made it even more appealing. The look and feel of the jewelry pieces continue to amaze people and make appearance ethereal. Ornaments influxes the confidence in women’s look that increases her beauty to many folds.

We are featuring some beautiful yet affordable jewelry pieces.

Have a look at these phenomenal pieces…

Maang tikka

Maang tikka is a piece of forehead jewelry worn in the middle of the hair. It comes in many forms and designs so that you can get different types of looks. Nowadays, women and girls are pairing maang tikka with jeans top also this type of pairing gives a glamorous look. Maang tikka is an affordable jewelry piece which can give you a regal look regardless of any dress. Sometimes women wear maang tikka joined with Matha Patti. This type of jewelry is placed along the side of the hair that embellishes a woman’s forehead. Sonam Kapoor is known for experimenting with her looks. She is wearing large maang tikka and left the hair open that made her look super stylish.

 Nath (nose ring)

For the perfect feminine look, you can wear Marathi style Nath. It gives a majestic look to the wearer that has no match. As the name implies this type of jewelry piece comes from Maharashtra, India. A Marathi woman can easily be identified by this type of nath (Nose ring). Indian women prefer light and small Nath for daily use, whereas for a special occasion they use large and lavish one. How can we forget Priyanka Chopra’s look in the movie Bajirao Mastani, she was looking incredible in Marathi Nath. If you want to look traditional and mesmerizing, then go for this marvelous piece of jewelry.

Jhumkas (Earrings)

Jhumkas embellishes the beauty of women’s ears. If jhumkas paired with a matching necklace, it can create magic in women’s appearance. Earrings come in many designs and forms and never go out of vogue. Many famous Bollywood celebrities pair jhumkas with their traditional wear like lehenga, saree, salwar kameez, and others. This type of jewelry can be found easily in the market at a reasonable price. Anushka Sharma paired golden jhumkas with her black saree to enhance her look. If we go by current trends, then we can notice women are wearing earrings without pairing it with the necklace. Get ready in ethnic wear for any occasion by matching traditional earrings with it.

Borla & nath

Indian movies are a great inspiration for taking fashion notes from because whatever is shown in movies becomes a fashion. The amazing acting and stunning jewelry of Deepika Padukone in movie Padmavat have won many hearts. The Rajasthani style maang tikka (Borla) gave her queen alike look. It’s quite difficult to take our eyes off from her enhanced grandeur in royal jewelry. Large nath (nose) of Deepika Padukone in movie Padmavat inspired many women. These two Rajasthani jewelry pieces have charismatic attraction and will surely give you the trendy yet traditional look.


The necklace is a must-have for every woman as it is the grandeur of women’s jewelry box. A necklace is the most noticeable jewelry, thus it becomes vital for women to be careful while pairing the matching necklace with dress. Green beaded gold necklace of Kangana Ranaut elaborated her majestic appearance. You can get this type of amazing necklace in the imitation form in the market, they look the same. Countless necklaces in the numerous designs and sizes can add variation in your appearance every time on every occasion. There is no shortage in types of necklaces in the market, so get ready in your favorite.

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