Which Umbrella is The Best for Your Patio?

Patio landscaping in Melbourne

If you recently had a backyard patio installation in Melbourne, you must be decorating your patio with different furniture and other decorative stuff. And we are here to help! One of the most beautiful features you can have on your patio is a beautiful umbrella that goes just perfectly with the rest of your patio decorations. And we are here to help you choose which kind of umbrella you should get.

Umbrella on your patio is not just for aesthetic enhancement but also serves multiple purposes such as shade in hot summers to protect you from heavy sunlight, making your outdoor space more functional and usable for all seasons. Considering these purposes and factors, you have to make sure that you make the right decision because these umbrellas are also an investment apart from multipurpose serving accessories. So how do you choose which umbrella is the best for your patio? So there are two types of umbrellas for patios: 1) market umbrellas 2) cantilever umbrellas


Market Umbrellas are the most common patio umbrellas. These umbrellas are usually vented. It has a pole in the centre to support the structure, this pole goes from the top of the umbrella to the floor. These umbrellas are traditional and popular among all Melbournians. The umbrellas are, as you may have guessed, round in the shape but also come in hexagonal shapes.


Also known by another name- offset umbrellas, the cantilever umbrellas tend to be tilted and the pole that holds it up is not in the centre but on the border instead. These umbrellas look more aesthetically modern and appealing. They add a different sort of modern look to your patio and go with almost all kinds of other patio furniture designs. The pole being on the side helps you get more space under the umbrella and you can get more choices in terms of whatever kind of table or other furniture you might want to put under the umbrella.

Because of its modern aesthetic styles, it also looks luxurious and not to mention it does not cause any inconvenience with a pole in the centre. The coverage that a cantilever umbrella provides is also more and better than any other umbrellas. Given how modern they are and the better features that they provide, the cantilever umbrellas are also relatively expensive but if you have a budget and you want the best style, then they are your best choice.


When you are choosing the umbrella, you should also consider the usual weather conditions in your region. If you have heavy sunlight then you might want to go for cool colors that are easy on your eyes. If your region faces heavy speedy wind then you need to consider the material type of the umbrella and choose the kind of material that can withstand the heavy winds.


The scope of adding beauty is never ending, as long as you have creativity, ideas and space, you can make your space more and more beautiful and we have just the perfect idea for your patio umbrella! So you have your patio furniture and patio umbrella now. What you need is the lights! You can add mini bulbs or fairy-lights to your patio umbrella and light up your patio space at night beautifully.

You can then plan a nice dinner date or movie date or simply reading a book with a glass of wine- kind of relaxing session for yourself. Patio landscaping in Melbourne is important if you value aesthetics, style and relaxation time for yourself with utmost comfort.

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