A Detailed Study on Integrating Video Conferencing APIs into Your Website & Mobile App

web video conferencing api

Given the popularity of remote work culture, most businesses are making moves towards enhancing their communication game. And video conferencing is one great way to ace the same. Be it collaborating with team members or interacting with customers, video conferencing api boosts communication transparency to the fullest. 

Are you planning to leverage video conferencing for your business too? 

Advanced video conferencing APIs can help you integrate modern video features into your communication system in a jiffy.  In this article, we shall discuss the best ways to integrate an efficient video call solution into your website and mobile application. Stay with us and enjoy the informative read!

In this Article, We have Explained:

  • What are the Challenges of Creating Web Video Conferencing Apps from Scratch? 
  • Recent Security Limitations in Video Conferencing
  • How to Integrate a Video Conference API for Websites & Mobile Apps? 
  • Simple Ways to Add Video Conferencing to your Website & Mobile App
  • Advantages of Video conferencing API for Websites & Mobile Apps
  • Conclusion 

Challenges of Building Web Video conferencing Applications from Scratch

In today’s fast paced environment, every business looks for quick communication solutions to stay on top of efficiency. If you choose to build a video conferencing app from scratch, you may be required to invest additional time, capital, and resources. Let’s discuss some of the limitations of creating video conferencing apps from the ground one by one. 

Extremely Long Delivery Period

Crafting a video conferencing api from the start involves a lot of steps such as initial functionality tests before the actual launch. Moreover, creating a customized application that suits your unique needs might require more time than usually estimated. And as the time period increases, the production costs increase too. Hence, this may not be a good option for businesses that have a limited budget or time constraints. 

Operational Complexities

Building a video conferencing app is not a one day process. You need to set up the entire infrastructure required for creating the application. Application testing and launch process consumes a lot of time. This way, you might lose focus from your other core business operations. And, that might ultimately result in lower productivity levels. 

Privacy & Security

In today’s digital age, privacy is something which every person looks forward to. It is important that the data and information shared between video conference participants remains confidential. 

When building an application of your own, you might miss creating a robust foundation for chat privacy. But with modern video APIs, this is not the case. Most of them are end-to-end encrypted and provide complete chat security. 

Recent Security Limitations in Video Conferencing

There’s no denying that video conferencing   


When unauthorised individuals or hijackers join a private video conference, it is known as bombing.   

Data Leaks and Thefts

Data leaks and thefts are some of the top security breaches that take place during video conferencing. Personal details of many participants are leaked and conversations are recorded by unauthorised third-parties. Many times, hackers tend to steal crucial business information shared during video conferencing due to lack of encrypted security. 

Privacy Issues

Some applications lack end-to-end encryption that leads to data exposure and privacy compromise. 

How to Integrate a Video Conference API for Websites & Mobile Apps?

Integrating a video call solution into your website or application won’t take long as modern APIs are fully-featured and easy to utilize. Implementation just involves a few simple steps. Let’s discuss them one by one: 

Collect Your Video Conferencing SDK Credentials

Once you choose and buy an API or SDK, you need to form your account that is associated with the API provider. It is important to get your account credentials from the SDK or API provider. Also, a well-structured video calling SDK allows the admin to assign different roles and permission to video conferencing participants. You can handover the credentials to them accordingly. 

Get a Server Application

In order to run effectively, the video conferencing SDK needs a server application. The server application utilizes passwords from your third-party account credential to grant access to video services. 

Get a Client Application

A client application is required for implementing real time communication information. The client app runs on web and mobile and utilizes third-party SDKs and APIs to collect, subscribe, and execute information related to real-time communication. 

Simple Ways to Add Video Conferencing to your Website & Mobile App

There are different steps involved in adding video conferencing to your website and mobile application. Let us discuss each one of them by one. 

Create Your Chat Room
  • You need to create your video conferencing room by utilizing your selected video calling SDK. 
  • The SDK will first check your account credentials and then create your respective chat room. 
  • A room SID is returned in the end that can be leveraged to make API requests. 
Connect to the Room
  • The meeting host needs to get an access token to conduct the video conferencing session. He/She can collect the access token by passing the account credentials to the application server. 
  • The application server will first check the credentials and then grant a token. 
  • Once the token is granted, a connection bridge is established between the video conferencing session and the host.  
Participants are Welcomed
  • The host sends invitations to the participants. The invitation includes the access token and video conferencing details. 
  • Once the participant visits the room with the token, the authentication server will verify the validity of the token. 
  • After this verification, the participant is allowed to join the video conferencing session.  

Advantages of Video conferencing API for Websites & Mobile Apps

An efficient video SDK can help you build a top performing video conferencing app. Also, there are several benefits of integrating video calling API into your websites and mobile applications. Let us discuss them at length. 

Enhance Digital Workflow

As discussed earlier, video conferencing makes it easier to collaborate with team mates. It enables you to conduct meetings at any point of time irrespective of the location. This further enhances the business workflow as all company communication is transparent and clear with video conferencing. 

Better Engagement Than Voice Conference Call

During voice calls, the chance of getting distracted is far more than in video calls. The users may carry out other tasks as well while participating in a voice call. This can divide their attention and might disrupt the meeting flow. On the other hand, video calls keep the user more engaged. Participants can see each other and get more involved in the conversation. 

Saves Travel Expenditure

Participants have the liberty to conduct meetings from the comfort of their homes. No matter what the location and time is, business teams can instantly connect with each other without having to travel to the office.

Levels Up Communication Processes

When video participants are able to see each other, their attention capacity is more and they tend to understand every aspect of the discussion. It becomes easier to put forward one’s thoughts and ideas.

Steps Up Business Productivity

Video conferencing helps you fetch quick answers to any doubts and queries that business colleagues might have while working on business projects. This ultimately accelerates the workflow and boosts productivity. 


We hope this article helped you comprehend the ways of adding video conferencing APIs to your web and mobile applications and the importance of including video conferencing in your business communication strategies. So, what are you waiting for? Start your video calling API integration today. 

Good luck with your video conferencing interactions! 

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