Which Social Media Users Should Companies Pay Attention To?

increase your social media engagement

Social media marketing is characterized by its two-way communication. Your company can distribute content and your target group can comment or give feedback, but they can also take action themselves. So both parties – you as the operator of the social media channels as well as your fans and followers – show a certain amount of social media engagement. Especially in B2C companies that interact directly with end consumers and thus with a large number of social media users, the inquiries and comments can pile up. So who are you paying attention to? To whom should you urgently increase your social media engagement? These questions are not easy to answer, because you simply don’t have the time or the manpower to respond to all fans and followers.

Pay Attention To Existing And Potential Customers

As with any other marketing measure, ROI is also extremely important in social media. By increasing brand awareness and positive Word of word-of-mouth marketing (WOMM) on social media platforms, the aim is to maintain existing customers and encourage potential customers to buy. You should pay close attention to both groups. In addition, you should know their characteristics or interests as precisely as possible to address them directly with your content marketing. Through a social media analysis and precisely created target group analysis, you can differentiate the two groups from fans who, for example, are only interested in competitions and who have no real interest in you and your products.

The Meaning And Purpose Of Influencers In Social Media Marketing

The effectiveness in the use of social media does not only mean publishing content but also that your fans and followers interact with it and thus you can reach more people. With your content marketing, keep in mind that it offers added value and motivates followers and fans to share. It is also essential that you regularly analyze your social media activities and find those on your social media platforms who frequently interact with your content or who serve a large community themselves. In addition, regularly analyze the social web and win bloggers as advocates for your company. These can become effective brand ambassadors for your brand in the long term.

Recognize Requests From Fans And Followers With Potential

Apart from the characteristics of the fans and followers, there are also certain characteristics about the inquiries, in which your commitment as a company can be worthwhile. One characteristic is the urgency of a request. If this is high, you should of course answer as quickly as possible. For many users, social media has become an important part of the company’s services. The social media service is often faster and more effective if the fans and followers can contact you quickly via Facebook or Twitter with problems or questions.

Social media users are often very creative and make funny or strange requests. You should also pay close attention to these requests. Learns to distinguish important from unimportant and at the same time to take every single user seriously.


To use the full potential of social media marketing as effectively as possible for your company, you have to understand your fans and followers and offer them exciting added value in your social media channels. But since it is usually not possible to react to all fans or followers, you have to limit yourself to the essential groups. Of utmost importance is also that you regularly analyze who your potential or existing customers which followers are suitable as influencers and what kind of questions you should edit quickly in any case, because here, for example, does the topic of Social CRM take a role?

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