‘Your order is placed successfully. Thank you for shopping with us!’ 

Sounds familiar? What’s the most common step we take a couple of hours post placing an online order? Track the shipment status! 

We check if the item is dispatched and processed further right? This act of ours and billions of others like us is based on the common human psychology of receiving a purchased product right after exchanging money which, in the case of online purchase, is not possible. Aside from the anticipation that gets built up while our order is being processed, we’re also concerned about the well-being of the item we have ordered and how much time will it take before the item is finally out for delivery. The psychological instance being referred to in this case or any similar case for that matter is actively pointing to our evident expectations of safe and fast shipping. 

This is just a small daily life example representing a thousand others for shipping and cargo where the consumers, at the least, placing the order expect safe and fast delivery of their consignments. It’s then upon the manufacturers or selling firms to ensure that these two primary expectations of their clients are met in terms of logistics. Speaking of safety and faster delivery speed, how can a firm ensure that these standards are met by logistics at best? One way to do it is to take care of the entire shipping process yourself, A to Z which will mean that you have to look for Packers, mode of transportation, delivery speed, route, etc. This is as time taking of a process as it is expensive. Investing so much time and money just for shipping the products to the final destination can make business owners pull their hair off due to frustration. Even if the two primary standards are met, it’ll never become economical enough even for bulk shipments, which aren’t even always a sure deal. This option is mostly not feasible to businesses due to obvious constraints. Small distance compact package delivery is another thing but that’s not the subject at hand. What most businesses want is for all their sold products to be delivered across states, countries or other national /international borders that means large volumes for long distances. In such cases, the logistics part of the business becomes a great deal in itself.  

While one can spend countless hours evaluating such options, there already are hundreds, if not thousands of companies bringing the vision of safer and faster shipping across the globe to life. Surprisingly, these companies are not doing it all by themselves! They are getting it done through a Shipping Forwarder. In EXIM parlance, these are called Freight Forwarders. Such companies or individuals essentially arrange for pick up of all goods or delivery of goods to a particular address on the instructions of the consignee, in our case, the firms or you through various modes of transport and conveyance. Here, the freight Forwarders figure out the best method and route of shipping goods taking into account the cost factor and other constraints. These companies usually contract with multiple companies and ensure all their sold or unsold products are shipped at their responsibility from one place to another, national or international. 

A Shipping Forwarder usually holds a sharp knowledge of logistics and may choose to get your consignment delivered using a variety of transport methods, sometimes even multiple methods used at the same time. For example, they send all your home articles through a cargo ship from India to Germany and then have them sent through the air to your respective state and then by truck to your destination address. Typically, they review the commercial invoices, shipper’s declarations, BOL, and other documents required at the origin and destination country. It’s as simple as that! You can have your goods, individual or bulk, shipped from one corner of the world to another in a seamless and hassle-free way with the help of a freight forwarder. 

Here are a handful more examples as to why we vouch for the smooth trading experience that freight forwarders provide to both consignors and consignees :

Most reasonable prices for your transports :

Freight forwarders are the experts in trading. They have a large network of top-in-the-list carriers and can bargain to get you the best and most reasonable prices for your consignments. That ensures that the more the volume of consignments, the lower the transportation cost. 

Seamless movement of goods :

Freight forwarders being the masters of logistics take care of all the necessary shipping documents required in the home country and the destination country ports and their agent network fetches you customs clearances for your goods. Usually, they include in their services reservation of cargo spaces at reasonable freight charges on your behalf. 

For example, you need to ship your complete home articles from Munich Germany to Bangalore, India. You just contact a freight forwarder in Germany and get all things taken care of by them from paperwork to final delivery . 

Agility for Emergency Scenarios :

The scale of expertise these companies have allows them to manage cargo emergency situations with ease and professionalism in a jiffy.

 Selecting the best route :

Shipping Forwarders select the fastest possible routes for your shipments without compromising on the safety factor. The clients can select transit times convenient to them as per the route decided. 

Consolidation of shipments :

Freight forwarders have the keen ability to consolidate smaller shipments into one larger shipment to save your cargo costs making shipment delivery hassle-free. 

myGermany is one such shipping Forwarder in Germany that can help you through the entire process of shipping goods nationally and internationally. They take care of all the aforementioned aspects of shipping on your behalf. Their expert team, well versed with the entire EXIM process and policies will get you the best routes and best prices for your consignments, all things considered. They give utmost priority to the safety of your articles and ensure having them delivered in the best conditions at the best possible speed. So if you’re wishing to check all these fundamental criteria off your shipping list try giving the best freight forwarder in Germany a try!  

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