What To Shop For When You’re Expecting

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If you are one of those lucky people that are expecting a baby and need some guidance with preparing to welcome one, or what to buy do read on as we will be giving you some tips.


Your baby needs to have a secure place to sleep, buying a crib as soon as possible should be your priority. You might be the most protective person, however it is just not safe for your baby to sleep in the same bed as you. Cribs are specifically designed for babies for their protection and comfort. It is best to go with a brand that is known for baby care, and has been in the market for a good amount of years. As then, they could be trusted.

Intense Baby Care

 Your new born baby will be your responsibility, therefore we need to ensure you know just exactly what you are getting yourself into. When it comes to baby care there is a whole range to choose from. Why not check out Huggies? They are a brand that is particularly known for baby care. You will be able to have a wider knowledge of what to get your baby when you check out their store. 


It is best to buy your new born clothing that is cotton, refrain from buying materials that are too warm unless in a cold country, It is important that your baby is comfortable at all times. You could get jumpers,tshirts, cardigans, socks, hats all depending on the season your baby will be born in.

Tubs And Other Essentials

Buying a baby tub is important, remember that now you are going to be the sole care taker of another human. Therefore, it is on you to ensure all things are looked into. It is hard, but we know it will be rewarding. Check on the water temperature and fix in a hot water system if you do not have one. Invest in some good baby soaps, shampoos, soft towels, nappies, mats to name a few.


Once you are set with some clothing, you need to invest in buying baby bottles and a sterilizer. Its good to start early and keep it ready so that incase of any emergencies, you have an alternative way to feed your baby. Ensure to sterilize the bottles before and after using them, and make sure the nip of the bottle is not too big for your baby to drink from.

You can also get your baby a small sippy cup to drink water from but start slow steps.

Home Environment

We kept the most important for the last, ensuring your surrounding is calm, very clean and baby proof is a must. If you have pets, we advise that you keep them in an area that is least exposed to your baby.

You can also be creative and create a small nursery for your little one, add in some beautiful wall décor and make the room super cozy.

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