Decor Your Home with Wall Hanging Plates

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After completing the interior and furnishing of home comes the decoration part which is equally important and of utmost priority to make your home a bit eye-catching. Home decoration requires a mixture of creativity with nice physical appearance. The things we think can’t be used for decorating purpose are the ones which come out to be most impactful.

For instance, the Ceramic Decorative Plates hanged randomly around a corner seems to be a foolish idea but it is one of the most creative ways of home decoration. All you have to do is figure out the most appealing arrangement of plates to decorate your wall.

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Wall Decoration with Plates

Besides used in the kitchen, the dining plates are also widely used for wall decoration and the noticing point is that it really looks cool and classy. Consider the clear wall of your living room, now think about hanging some Handmade Blue Pottery Plates there in some unique manner. Wouldn’t it look classy? You need to try it. The hanging pattern depends upon your choices such as a circular fashion, half-moon style, kite or spiral fashion. There are countless other choices as well.

You need to get a good look around your home and search for the best suitable place for hanging these plates. Plates with different sizes, shapes, and designs arranged in a fashion. For kids room, you can think about hanging the plates with designs of their favorite cartoon characters. For the living room, a traditional hand made floral designed plates will be a great idea.  

Amazing Ideas of Home Decor with Hanging Plates

Decorating the walls is also an effective idea for saving the wall from unnecessary spots and scraps. It is an important step towards stopping the kids from spoiling the walls with their markers, pens, and pencils. Also, it is a great idea to realize your creative imagination and let it hang on the walls. We have an exclusive variety in decorative plates such as ceramic plates and blue pottery plates with handmade and unique traditional designs, way too good for a plate. Here are some tips of ‘How to hang the plates on the wall to give it a decent look’-   

  1. You need to do some work with pen & paper and trace down the arrangement there.
  2. Make a temporary structure with a removable marker on the wall and try to replicate the arrangement from the paper to the wall.
  3. After completing all the measurement work, fix the screws or nails on the wall accordingly and hang the plates.
  4. All plates in the same color will be good if you want to get the royal look out of it but if you are a fan of a funky and cool look, you should think about colorful plates.
  5. Wall adjacent to the stairways, I think it is the best place to accomplish some decoration purpose with collage, photo frames, paintings but Decorative Plates seem the best idea.
  6. One more place in desperate need of a makeover is the wall directly behind the dining table, decorating it with the Ceramic Plates will be a great task to do.
  7. While hanging the plates, you need to take care of the balance otherwise they will keep hitting the ground.

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