What Should Be Expected During Dental Implant Procedures

types of dental implants

A large number of people worldwide have undergone dental implants on a daily basis. Regularly a horde of people get inclined to implants over other solutions like bridges, crowns and traditional dentures.

Planning to undergo dental implant solution? Then, make sure that you have gone through this cheat sheet on dental implant surgery procedure along the patient’s expectation. 


While you are having dental implants, the original root of the tooth will be replaced by that of artificial ones made from metal. It appears much like screws to infuse the artificial teeth. It is slightly different from that of the crowns and bridges although perform and appear like natural teeth.

The way by which dental implant procedure will be carried out will be determined by the implant type needed for your condition. This will be determined by the dentist on the basis of jawbone condition and the allergic sensitivity.

Sometimes, you might have to undergone a few dental procedures more allowing the bone to heal quickly and properly surrounding the dental implant. Then, it will support the newly infused artificial tooth for the rest of the life.   

1.  Initial evaluation

On visiting the dentist, an extensive dental examination will be performed for determining the jawbone condition of the patients. Afterwards, right dental implant process will be chosen. Early exam comprises of taking impressions, X-rays and matching teeth-coloured implant to offer a subtle natural look.

Depending on the number of teeth need to replace by implants additional planning has to be done by other dental professionals such as periodontist for improving overall oral health. Every medical complexity and medication you are taking at present should be discussed with the dentist. As per the orthopaedic implant and condition, you might need to consume antibiotics prior to the surgery. This will prevent the risk of infection which can arise in the future especially after surgery.    

2.  Tooth extraction

In case there is any remaining tooth deems for replacement, the dentist removes it prior to carry out any other dental work. Similar process is applicable for the insertion of implant as well.

The probable options of anaesthesia will be discussed along your dentists. Some local anaesthetic will be used like lidocaine or novocaine for numbing sensation to eradicate the experience of pain. Tooth removal is quite easy unless there is any fracture.

Slight pressure and tug will be felt during extraction of tooth to conduct the implant process. Nose blowing, drinking using straw, excessive spitting and smoking should be quit after tooth extraction as these can lead to excruciating pain and dry socket.

3.Insertion of bone grafting and dental implant

Only 2 types of dental implants are widely available- one which reaches underneath gum line directly and another which in infused into jawbone. Firstly, we’ll see if you are eligible to get your implant infused to the jawbone. If there is sufficed strong jawbone then there is no need of bone grafting.

Strength is needed for both jaw and bone to tolerate the pressure during chewing and protection of the implant respectively. Healing of the bone is a must in case grafting is done prior to insert the implant. Afterwards the dental professional will place the implants into the mouth.

Once implant is placed, jawbone will immediately start re-growing surrounding the implant. Soon, it will become an important part of your original gum line. As the complexity of the process differs from a person to another so; it consumes anywhere between 3 and 9 months. 

4. Abutment placement

Wait till the implant gets stable and abutment will be placed on its top. This enables the implants to get attached to the crown. It must be tightened so that it firmly holds its position during eating. Nothing will be experience other than slight pressure during the procedure.

Hence, anaesthesia is applied for numbing the spot. Many times, abutment and implant are inserted consecutively as it reaches down gum line. It can be obvious to eyes and therefore you must consult with the dentist on the ways to cover it during smiling. A healing cap will be added to promote the bone and tissue to grow above abutment.

5.  Addition of the permanent crown

Once the gum gets healed, artificial crown or tooth will be inserted. You have the choice from permanent or removable implant. If you are going to have multiple artificial teeth in back then removable will be the right option as you can replace and clean the implant whenever needed.

After permanent crown or fixed implant is placed there is no way to remove the implant to clean. The implant is screwed permanently in abutment or it is made adhere to the cement. 

Interesting facts to know about dental implant procedure

Selection of the dental implants types is really a huge decision to take. Although, it can be a bit pricey yet efficiency is also high at the same time. Certain other things should be bore in your mind as well. Healing of the jawbone is essential and you have to follow the specific steps for that.

You are not going to get it done overnight. Artificial tooth can’t be placed unless crown is inserted. Therefore, discuss with the dentist about temporary solutions like temporary crowns, dental flippers and retainers to get the suitable one.


Naturally, discomfort will be there post surgery. Bruises on the gums and swelling around your face are more likely to notice. Even mild pain and slight bleeding can accompany the post-operative complications as well at the site of implants.

Once the surgery is done, you should focus on some soft foods for some time. Application of ice packs at the site of implant can help out the swelling. Refrain from the consumption of tobacco in any mode as it triggers the infection risk ending up with teeth staining and infection in root canal.

At that time, you have to undergo root canal treatment separately. Proper oral hygiene must be maintained throughout for the protection of newly infused implant. You must brush and floss daily for twice. Stop chewing on hard candies as it can damage the implants.   

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When you are well-versed with the dental implant procedure, hope nothing is bothering you anymore. Now, you can prepare for the treatment by consulting with your dentist to know anything more precisely. If you need a dentist in Harley Street for dental implants, contact Smile Works Dental now to arrange an appointment.

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