Boost Your Packaging Business by These 6 Pre-Roll Packaging Propositions

custom printed pre-roll boxes

Pre-roll packaging is a superb way to advertise your products. Big brands can take advantage of the benefits and make an elegant presentation, while smaller companies have enough space when using pre-roll packaging for local commercial markets.  

At the same time, custom printed pre-roll boxes is also great at grabbing customer attention in stores because they stand out on shelves better than traditional cigarettes often do. It might be essential if you’re promoting a brand-new product line with limited distribution or availability! Pre-roll containers are made from recycled paper, which makes them sustainable too! 

Why are Custom Pre-Roll boxes always the first choice for businesses? 

Customized box options are available for pre-rolls. It prevents them from being harmed by the environment and harsh climate.  

In this day and age, smoking has become a trend, with many people wanting to purchase attractive and durable packaging that will protect their cigarettes from moisture or all bacteria.  

Young smokers wish to these types of packaging because it makes consuming tobacco more fashionable in society’s eyes while also making sure they’re safe. 

Pre-Roll Packaging Propositions for Boosting Business 

Improve the quality of the box 

The box is an essential part of a product. The quality of the box is the first impression. It can make or break an entire sale, and customers will know if you’re putting in little effort before they even open it up! 

The nature of a package impacts its protection for both people who buy and those items we are shipping out to other sellers.  

A customer’s first impression usually comes just by examining our packaging style and quality. It makes them feel on edge about what kind of experience they’ll have with your company once they purchase the product. 

Cardboard boxes are the most durable and effective packaging for products. The quality of your box directly impacts both how well it protects your product, as well as customer interest when they see it on a shelf or in their mail! Different materials to choose from include: 

  • Cardboard 
  • Kraft 
  • Cardstock 
  • Paper board 

Play with colors and be innovative 

When it comes to packaging, color is king. Even if your product quality and pricing are great, the consumer will be more likely to purchase a package with colors that attract their attention – unless they’re looking for something in particular! 

We can use a variety of colors to make pre-roll boxes more effective and captivating. Colors play a vital role in unique, creative packaging! Dull or hazy color never grabs the attention like bright, vibrant shades that make it stand out among other products on the shelf.  

Customers get bored by using traditional designs, so they need something new every time, so companies should always strive for uniqueness with their packaging. 

Otherwise, customers will go elsewhere without hesitation because there are plenty who offer what you’re providing already, but no one does it better than yourself!! 

These eye-catching boxes come in many trendy CMYK and PMS patterns, including metallic golds, tans pinks as well as pastels blues, making them unique enough to stand out from any other cigarette box you’ll find around town 

Make a box looks special

Packaging boxes, containers, and cartons are all critical for any packaging business. The way they look can be the difference between having a customer or not!  

That’s why having so many options to choose from when it comes to imprinting information on them is essential. It grabs customer’s attention while also conveying crucial pieces of content about your company. 

Avoid being boring; your packaging needs to stand out as well. From three-dimensional shapes to holographic displays, you can use many different styles that will make a difference in how people view and appreciate your product. 

Add catchy phrases to the box

Your brand is unique and captivating with limitless customization options. The printing of quotations can grab customer’s attention in addition to discount codes for the best deals on boxes. 

Print some quotations and some precautions to attract the customer’s attention towards your brand. That’s what differentiates you from other brands. 

The final finishing touches are a must

The packaging is difficult to make perfect. Along with choosing the right size and shape, you have many decisions regarding coating materials.  

You can choose from matte for a cleaner look or gloss if your brand needs more pop on store shelves; the foil will give that metallic finish we all love, while embossing provides depth that draws attention where it should be. 

Debossing also has its benefits, though: It gives an extra layer of protection by raising letters into the surface when applied onto cardboard boxes. 

Gloss coating is the perfect solution to make your shiny packaging look professional. It also makes it easier for consumers to see what’s inside, even in daylight. 

Matte coatings have a darker appearance but are still attractive and good-looking when used on boxes that don’t need extra shine, like those with textured designs or printed logos.  

Pre-Roll Packaging should be eco-friendly

With a rise in popularity of pre-rolled joints, they have become more disposable, and the amount has risen to fill our landfills.

The flow is not inactive as it used to be because these plastic cartridges are difficult, if not impossible, to recycle, which means that we end up throwing them away with other items like cans or bottles – creating an overwhelming pile for future generations! 

Balancing sustainability with product protection is tough yet essential. As pre-rolls have become more popular, a massive quantity of hard-to-recycle plastic has filled our landfills and oceans – but it’s not all doom or gloom!  

Some sustainable packaging technologies are environmentally friendly; they’ve been specially designed to be recyclable or compostable while still providing the high level of moisture resistance needed for maintaining quality cannabis products during transport.  


What are your thoughts on pre-roll packaging? Have you used it in the past with any success for marketing purposes? If so, what were some of your favorite ways to use this type of container for promoting a product or service?   

In conclusion, many benefits come along when using a pre-roll container as part of an advertising campaign.  

You’ll need to make sure you’re using high-quality materials when creating this type of box, like Stampa Prints pre-roll packaging solutions.  

It’s important to play around with color schemes and fonts, too, if you want customers to pick up on these boxes right away! Now is as good a time as any for small businesses worldwide looking into advertising their product line – try out some new designs today! 

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