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We often encounter the term “server” when we search on the Internet for web hosting, and the server is the basis for hosting websites on the Internet and all websites on the Internet are powered by servers.

What is a server?

The server is a “computer” with special capabilities and specifications.

The server is not much different from regular computers, as it contains almost all the components of the computer, but it differs in that its components are often larger and its capabilities stronger.

The most important of these capabilities is its high-speed Internet connection, a continuous source of electricity, in addition to a strong cooling system because the server will work 24 hours a day, all days of the year, and you should also know the most about the servers at Express VPS.

What are the server components?

As mentioned above, a server is a PC with some additional features. Therefore, server components are not much different from regular computer components.

The server consists of the following main components:

Case: or the computer box, which is the folder or box that contains all the parts of the server.

CPU: It is like the mind of the server and it is responsible for doing most of the tasks and controlling the server.

RAM: It is one of the types of storage media that is very fast and in which programs and files that are currently running are stored.

Storage Device: This is where files are stored and there are two main types, HDD and SSD.

Cooler: It is responsible for cooling the processor and the rest of the server components, and it is a fan or an integrated system.

Power Supply: It is the unit responsible for supplying all server components with power, “electrical current”.

Motherboard: It is an electronic board that connects all server components to it.

Operating System: The program responsible for converting the server from just a machine to a responsive device and executes commands such as Windows and Linux.

These components are the internal components of the server and differ according to the use of the server. The size and capacity of each component varies according to the needs and uses of the server.

Certainly, servers need a very high speed Internet connection and a permanent electrical current.

Why should the server work constantly?

The server must work continuously, because stopping the server, even for one minute, means that all sites, applications, services, and systems hosted on it will stop.

What is the importance of the server?

The server is the basis for configuring web hosting and many other services.

The server is the house or the building in which the sites are located, and thus it provides these sites with a place to host them. The server’s job is to respond to the requests coming to the site and provide data to its visitors (users).

How does the server work?

In order to show you how the server works as simply as possible, we will explain to you a simple scenario of what happens when you visit a website.

  • You are putting the website link in the browser and pressing “Enter”.
  • The browser communicates with the DNS server.
  • The DNS server is sent to the IP browser of the server on which the site’s domain is hosted.
  • The browser contacts the server on which the site is hosted and asks for the page to which you added the link.
  • The server prepares the page and sends it to the browser in the form of data packets.
  • The browser displays the page that was sent to it from the server to the user (you).

Of course, this process takes place very quickly, according to the capabilities of the server and the speed of the connection of both the server and the user to the Internet, and the most important thing is the server because it may deal with thousands of users at the same moment.

Is it necessary for the server to have special specifications?

As mentioned earlier, the server is a computer with special specifications, but it is not necessary that it be, as any ordinary computer can be converted to an Internet server.

This is done by installing an operating system on it and connecting it to the Internet and to a constant electrical current.

But computer manufacturers such as Dell and HP produce computers that closely resemble regular devices, but have the advantage of being able to work continuously and stably and without a significant increase in temperature.

The capabilities of the server differ from one version to another and from one device to another and according to what is required of it or the task it is required to perform, whether hosting websites, databases, files, etc.

Of course, the server must be connected all the time to an electrical outlet and to the Internet as well if it is to be used as a Web Server.

And the presence of a group of servers with each other in one place, to form what is known as a data center .

What is the server used for?

The server is used in more than one way and has many uses.

It is prepared for a specific use by the operating system or by specific software. Where the server can be converted, for example, into a web hosting server, such as being a shared hosting server, dividing it into virtual servers, or even renting it completely, which is known in the field of web hosting as a full dedicated server. Find  Cheap VPS Hosting Providers 2020.

You can also divide the server into more than one server “by default”, meaning that the server is divided into more than one server, but they are the same “machine” and they all share the same server resources, and this is known as the ” VPS ” virtual private server .

It is also possible to link more than one device to each other to configure Cloud Hosting. You can also convert the server to Reseller Hosting accounts.

In addition, some companies and institutions use the server at the headquarters in order to provide services to the company’s branches by linking all of the company’s branches to one source of data, and this is what we see in telecommunications companies, banks and others.

In most cases, this main server is a server that contains the client database.

One of the advantages of this is that all customer data is located in one place only, which makes it easy to protect and control the powers of accessing it and backing it up. Also, it makes modifications to it from one user available to all other users in real time.

And that main server is often the Mainframe, which is a large and very powerful server with a special nature, a special operating system, strong specifications, and a very high ability to process data with the lowest error rate, so you will usually not find it except in large organizations.

Frequently Asked Question

What is a server?

The server is a “computer” with special capabilities and specifications. However, this is a simple definition and the server explanation in detail is included in this lesson.

Should the server be running continuously?

Yes , the server should work continuously without stopping as much as possible because stopping it means stopping all sites and applications hosted on it.

What is the server used for? There are many uses for the server, such as hosting files, hosting websites, databases, etc.

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