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If you don’t know, there is more than one type of web hosting, not just one. Among the basics of web hosting that you must have knowledge of are these types.

Hosting is the most important requirement and it is the  server on which the site files will be uploaded. There are many types of hosting services, such as the most popular shared hosting that is characterized by its low price, VPS servers, Full servers, in addition to cloud hosting.

The reason behind this is that the types of hosting differ according to the use of each type, its strength, price, difficulty of administration, and the structure of each type.

In this lesson of the basics of hosting, we will explain in detail each type of hosting so that you have a clear idea and vision about the types of hosting and thus you will be able to determine and choose the type of hosting you need for your site or project.

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After this, you will also have a good knowledge of the field of web hosting.

It is important to be fully aware of the vast choice, on a global scale, that when it comes to comparing what each network offers: this inevitably involves dealing with more or less experienced ISPs, more or less high-performance equipment, open and online with the majority of online needs. Knowing who to entrust the keys to your business becomes crucial, when it comes to choosing the right server.

Of course we will try to give priority to a less abstruse language, so that everyone can deal with easy-to-read Comparisons. Therefore, no more technicalities, the hosting is equivalent to offering a web space (server), we illustrate the differences with a mere split. Basically, we will analyze five possible options:

Types of hosting

Shared hosting

The most common type and services of web hosting is shared hosting, or what is also known as Shared Web Hosting.

The principle of shared web hosting depends on sharing or sharing the hosting in terms of its resources and cost also between more than one user.

That is why shared hosting is characterized by its low prices, but it is not the strongest type of hosting also and it is not the most secure due to the presence of more than one user on the same hosting, and thus they influence each other.

Among the advantages of shared hosting is its ease of management and control, especially for beginners. This is because shared hosting often comes with a well-known cPanel control panel that enables you to control hosting, email, and more.

Therefore, shared hosting is considered the most appropriate type of hosting for beginners and sites are in its infancy, and shared hosting service often comes in the form of more than one package with different specifications and prices to suit most users.

There are many hosting companies that provide this service.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is one of the latest types of web hosting and differs from regular hosting in that it does not depend on only one device in hosting the site and its files.

Rather, cloud hosting depends on hosting the site on more than one server connected to each other in a similar way to the cloud, which means more strength and stability for the hosting and the site as well.

And since your site is hosted on more than one server at the same time, there will be more security in terms of not stopping the site if the server stops because if the server on your site stops, it will be replaced by one of the other servers automatically.

Cloud hosting is also characterized by flexibility, as you can add additional hosting resources such as processor, random memory and storage space as you like from within the control panel easily.

WordPress Hosting

WordPress is the most popular CMS content management system and it manages more than 30% of all websites, including the dean of hosting sites.

WordPress is completely free, but it needs hosting to work on it. The Best Guide to Storage VPS Hosting.

Although WordPress works on almost all types of hosting, the large number of users has made web hosting companies provide a dedicated hosting service for WordPress sites with improvements and tools dedicated to WordPress that increase hosting speed and improve its performance.

Among the features and tools that come with WordPress hosting include an automatic cache system, easy installation of WordPress on hosting,  backup for hosting, in addition to technical support specialized in solving WordPress problems and more other features.

We have prepared a comprehensive directory of the best WordPress hosting companies with details of each hosting company, along with exclusive discounts and gifts.

Virtual server, VPS server

The Virtual Private Server, known by its acronym as VPS, is one of the types of hosting, which is the intermediate level between shared hosting and a full server.

It is similar in structure to shared hosting where the full server is shared among more than one user, but the number of users is much less than shared hosting.

As the name indicates, in virtual servers, the full server is divided into a group of smaller virtual servers by some programs.

These virtual servers are separate from each other and each virtual server has a dedicated part of the full server resources and does not share these resources with other users, and the virtual servers can be divided into shared hosting accounts.

Virtual servers are more powerful, secure, and better in performance than shared hosting, but it remains less powerful than a full server, so the virtual server is less expensive than a full server.

We previously published a complete guide for virtual servers with the best companies offering VPS servers with server specifications and exclusive discounts.

Full server

A full server or what is also known as a dedicated server is the most powerful and largest type of web hosting. And when you get a full server, you get the entire server machine and no one else shares it with you, so it is the most secure and powerful hosting service.

But managing and controlling a complete server is difficult and requires someone with experience in managing servers.

And since you get the entire server machine for yourself it is the most affordable web hosting service.

Unmanaged Dedicated Server

The third option aims to be, in principle, a sort of meeting between the first two . That is, the search for an ISP that provides the server the user needs, without any kind of assistance and maintenance to the machine. Full exclusivity and control remain at the expense of personal system management/configuration.

Often the preferred solution because, as easily understood, it gives full freedom of machine setting, memory expansion and power increase to something already enormously performing. The user will have the Turnkey Product on which to work and practice their skills.

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