What Is The Best Open Source eCommerce Software Platform?

eCommerce Software Platform

In a multi-vendor shopping cart flexibility and safety are very much essential. Here it is the reason, why open source eCommerce software Platform has become popular in the industry. There is only one name in the market that is 100% reliable to go with – ‘Sellacious’.

Sellacious is an open source eCommerce software platform that provides and enhances with time the flexibility and control over the store look and feel, content and vendor functionality of their eCommerce marketplace. This platform is enriched with more than 5000 eCommerce features which can be applied in conjunction with each other.

Sellacious sites can hold the ability to get in collaboration with industry top website management capabilities like that for shipping and packaging, payment, and many more. The administrator can also manage multiple modules through a single dashboard. Through a single dashboard of admin, it is easier to distribute and provide a birds-eye view to other stakeholders of what is going in the marketplace.

MarketPlace Needs And Our Solutions

Sometimes it becomes really cumbersome for a vendor to enroll themselves with a marketplace and start getting shared benefits. Multi-vendor shopping cart software should be capable of enrolling any number of vendors that too without any hassle. They should be able to signup and start selling their products in no time else they may get reluctant in creating their store under your umbrella.

With Sellacious, you overcome all such hurdles and can create your own store in just 15 minutes. With our platform, the store owner can easily manage the vendors and their products while getting the commission on every sale by them.

Sellacious is a feature-rich multi-vendor eCommerce platform with more than 5000 marketplace features which empowers each vendor to enroll in an umbrella online store and recreate their own storefront, or even create their own marketplace and become an admin.

Each vendor is capable to upload products, manage order processing and inventory, design their own storefront, do as much marketing and develop an application which is SEO friendly to ranks on the top at google search, get a commission on each sale. They can also create deals and coupons to retain a current customer base and attract a new audience to buy from their shop. Not only a niche store by a multi-vendor shopping cart mall could be created.

Some of the Features For Creating an Ultimate Multi-Vendor Shopping Cart Software

Easy Vendor Registration: Let an unlimited number of vendors sell their offering on your store you just have to moderate what they are selling what decide rules to get commissions on each sale. The vendor can sign up from the storefront and immediately start selling the products form their vendor portal. For more detailed information about the features or the procedure to perform an activity on our platform, they can directly contact our expert customer care executives.

Special Storefront For All: Every seller knows what they are selling and who they are selling to. Vendors can have their own storefront and they can design it as they want and keeping in mind the taste of their customers as well. With simple and easy to use template editor even a store owner can drag and drop the front end component. Add logo, images, color scheme, products, and their categories, description, and much more.

Product Search and Filter: Since there are lakhs of products uploaded by various vendors, how a customer gonna find what they want? Let customer easily find what exactly they are looking for. Search, sort, filters widgets could be used to segregate pin from the husk by applying category, product, deals, or by the vendor filters.

Start taking payments safely and securely

Whether you want to sell the grocery products or machine tools or accept donations for an NGO or rent a property, Sellacious makes taking payment a breeze. Our simple checkout and payment procedure allows taking payment through various vendors like the maestro, visa, American Express, PayPal and many more with minimal setup.

Order processing: Easy and straight forward step to enable order processing and have a quick check of the order status from confirmation to delivery and feedbacks.

Tax Setting: Admin can set the tax rules on the basis of a specific product, categories, vendor groups, or countries

These are just the glimpse. There is much more to discover when using Sellacious. We also provide 24×7 customer support to all of our customers. Free consultations and call to action in order to grow your catalog, target audience, eCommerce sale exponentially with Selllacious.

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