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Non-slip mat yoga mats are just what they sound like. They are designed to prevent you from slipping while practicing yoga.

Why do you need it? Well, simply put, your yoga practice becomes much less relaxing if you have to constantly adjust the trend as your hands move on the mat.

In addition to this irritation, in the worst case scenario, poor alignment can lead to discomfort and injury, which is certainly not what you want when stepping on the carpet!

The sliding yoga mat, designed to combat this sweaty moment, guarantees you a safe and relaxing workout with minimal distractions.


Sweat-resistant yoga mats have several benefits:

Lets you hold poses for longer: if you can maintain the right orientation without slipping, you can focus on breathing and hold poses for longer.

Smoothing transitions: on a stable base, you can move more smoothly from one place to another without slipping.

Targeted Muscle Building: When we are in the right line, we can focus on the right muscles and focus on specific areas that we want to build safely.

Lets you practice advanced poses: We don’t even want to try advanced poses like armrests when it’s possible for our hands to slip on our mat. Non-slip mats allow us to safely engage in advanced postures.

Reduce the likelihood of injury: if we are less likely to slip into position, we are less likely to be in the wrong line, strain our muscles, or fall completely!

Improve your self-confidence: Knowing that we’re not likely to slip on your carpet can improve our confidence in practice without worrying about a slipping problem. This allows us to focus on practice.

Longer life: if you’re too excited about it, let’s make it clear what I’m talking about on the carpet! Sweat-resistant rugs are less likely to wear when exposed to it, so you don’t have to change the rug as often, which saves you dollars.

WHAT To look for when you buy her for sweaty hands and feet

In fact, any yoga mat should be really slippery unless they are specifically designed for other purposes. But knowing which brands are really high quality is hard to find.

Here are some important factors to look for when buying a quality yoga slip mats!

Extra Sticky: Sticky is a word you often see to describe sliding yoga mats. This is because they are designed to get your hands and feet to grip them, which prevents terrible slipping.

Antimicrobial: This is a handy benefit if you plan to sweat heavily, and a factor you definitely want to consider during hot yoga classes! Antimicrobial material helps warn of nasty bacteria that love your sweat.

Dry Tech: Some yoga mats are designed to dry faster when you sweat them, which is a clear plus to reduce slipping. Some are also designed to accept more, the more you sweat, cool?

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