What are Extratorrent Proxy Websites? How to Use Them?

Proxy of Extratorrents

In this world where we all are stuck up doing our work and following the same routine of work and home, the only source of entertainment that remains is watching movies and some TV shows. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 situation, we cannot go to theatres for watching a movie as, these days, movies are released on various online streaming platforms and not in theatres.

Moreover, most of the new shows with interesting concepts and storylines are released on these paid platforms only, while, on TV channels, old episodes of old shows are telecasted most of the times. All the more, the charges for all these online platforms are very high that we cannot buy them all at the same time. However, you do not have to worry when Extratorrent proxy websites are present on the internet.

What is Extratorrent?

Extratorrent is a torrent website from where you can download all episodes of shows and movies that you want to watch and which are present on different online paid platforms. This website is absolutely free and you do not have to pay any charges for viewing their content. Here you can find any movie and web series that you want to watch but couldn’t because they were present on different online paid platforms. These days, other than Extratorrent, there are several Proxy of Extratorrents are present on the internet.

Proxy of Extratorrents

All these websites provide you with a massive collection of movies and series that are present on different platforms, in one single place. Here, you can also search the movie or series by browsing and selecting from their wide range of categories, if you do not have any preference in your mind. You can easily download any video you want and also select its download quality, which ranges from 360p to 720p, from any of the Extratorrent proxy websites.

Why was Extratorrent Blocked?

Despite being very popular and gaming millions of users from around the world, the original Extratorrent website was permanently shut down. This step was taken by the government and concerned authorities under the offence of breaking several copyright laws. Due to this, many people back then searched the ways to do the Extratorrents Unblock, but the website could not be unblocked.

The action was taken so because, all the videos of movies and web series published on the website were copies of the original content which was published on various other platforms, and thus contained copyright of the online platform authorities, which raises the issue of copyright law-breaking, in which anyone who does not have the legal right to publish the content containing the copyright of the other person or authority, if the person otherwise chooses to do so, legal actions will be taken against the person or the entity. Under such law-breaking, many of the Proxy of Extratorrents were also blocked.

How to use Proxy Websites of Extratorrent?

Despite the fact that Extratorrent and many other Extratorrent proxy websites are banned, there are still many functional websites present on the internet, serving the same purpose as Extratorrent was serving. From here also, you can download any number of movies and shows you want.

Also, before visiting these websites, you need to make sure that you have a proper setup to access these websites, as these may contain viruses and other malicious software which can harm your device. Thus, you should have a preinstalled anti-virus software that can block any malware entering your device and also a VPN, which will provide you internet safety by hiding your IP address and providing you with a private network. VPN may also help you to do the Extratorrents Unblock as it provides access to many websites which cannot be accessed directly and are banned by the government.

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