10 Best Electric Scooter Safety Tips

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The world is changing day by day with the traffic rules for different vehicles. Technology has grabbed the commutes and roads, making e-scooters a better example. A high-performance electric scooter could save your time and money and protect you from harmful substances of the air that you may get while transporting in a bus or car. It is the safest transportation but still there are some tips to ride them that you could not overlook. Here are 10 best electric scooter safety tips for you that you should know!

Electric Scooter Safety Tips

1.  Protecting your body:

You could not avoid accidents from taking place even by taking precautions. So, it is important to wear your knee pads, elbow pads and protective helmets. Wearing a knee and elbow guard is more than necessary to protect your sensitive skin from scratches and scrapes. Gloves are also a good option to offer grip on the scooter’s handlebar.

2.  Checking the tires:

Checking the tires of the scooter before going out for a ride is another essential thing that you should consider. Check the pressure of the air in both tires. Check the treads constantly if they are worn out or not and replace them if needed.

3.   Focus when riding:

You may lose the focus of the surroundings when riding. You should pay more attention to oncoming traffic, barriers and pedestrians. To prevent road accidents, you should be more careful. Follow the rules, regulation and the path of others to save yourself from crawling places.

4.   Aware of the barriers:

Barriers include bumps, crevices and potholes. These are the main reasons for accidents. Concentrate when riding and stop or slow if needed. Ideally, the main part is to decrease the speed slowly till you stop. Sudden stopping is impossible and could lead you towards accidents. You should head yourself away from the traffic or a less busy route. Aware of the paddles also because it may seem harmless but could be rather hazardous. They hide the holes as well as other crevices which could lead towards serious injuries.

5. Avoiding slippery surfaces:

You should be conscious when riding your scooter on wet or slippery surfaces like metal surfaces, muddy sidewalks, wet streets and marble tiles. Water could make riding difficult for tires that support the scooter, decrease friction among roads and tires and may cause potentially injuries. Always reduce your speed while travelling on wet surfaces.

6.    Avoid riding during striking storms:

Thunderstorms and rain could make an e-scooter riding more dangerous. If a striking storm occurs, you should stop riding immediately and rush somewhere to seek shelter. During rain, roads become muddy and slippery that make it hazardous to ride your electric scooter and it becomes worse when it rains heavily with storms.

7.  Read the scooter manual:

Manuals are concise, easy and informative and it comes with your electric scooter. It contains information like usage, maintenance, assembly and so other things about the scooter. Reading the scooter manual is the most important step before you start riding. You have to get familiar with all kinds of controls of the electric scooter.

8.   Understand the local and state laws:

Whether you could ride your e-scooter legally, this totally depends on changing rules of local and state laws. State may allow your electric scooter but your local area may not. You should ask yourself some important questions regarding the laws of riding your electric scooter. The questions should be decided at the local or state level. Thus it is better to be aware of them. the questions are-

  • Is it right to ride on sidewalks?
  • Can riding in the bike lanes be allowed?
  • Can you cut across at intersections?
  •  Is a valid license needed or not?

9.   Using hand signals:

You should be aware of the surroundings. Surrounding awareness includes the hand signals as well. Stopping, turning right or turning left are some of the electrical turn signs done by arm movements. Ensure that you glance behind quickly before you make a turn to see any pedestrians. Moreover, you should be more careful because all electric scooters could not be operated using only one hand.

10.   Avoiding unfavorable conditions of riding:

Unfavorable conditions could be natural and may be on low-light, uneven pavement, crowds and rough route conditions. Although all electric scooters have LED headlights, it is better to avoid conditions like low-light if possible as it could become harder to see everything properly, especially during night. Moreover, e-scooters are great on plain or level pavements; so, you should avoid steep hills, uneven pavements and sharp inclines.


After knowing all of these safety tips above, you should adorn yourself for avoiding any accident as well as protective yourself. Always remember that electric scooters aren’t meant for doing stunts. Thus, don’t try to do such things. Moreover, this type of scooter should not be attached with other vehicles as they are made to ride alone. Drive comfortably and safely because any simple mistake or distraction could lead you towards severe injuries. Always read the manual instructions and follow the safety rules before starting to ride your electric scooter!

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