Wedding Dress Trains: A Bride’s Complete Guide

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So many details are to be considered when shopping for a wedding dress. It can be a pretty tedious task, from the type of fabric to the embellishments and the dress train. While some brides dream of having a long, dramatic train fit, others like a minimal train on their wedding dresses. So when you look up the best bridal gown shops near you, you may also be interested in deciding the type of wedding dress train you would like to have. Here is a guide for you to make your job easier.

What Is A Wedding Dress Train, and What Is Its Significance?

The wedding dress train is an extension of the skirt from the waist. However, it can extend from the shoulders and trail behind as the bride walks down the aisle. It creates an extremely dramatic effect. The wedding dress train became popular in the Middle Ages and was used to showcase the wealth of the princess bride during their marriage to the prince. Eventually, this became a popular trend among the common masses and still continues today. It is a stylistic choice with many great options for any bridal style. They may be of the same or different fabric as your wedding dress and come in various shapes and sizes. It acts as a finishing touch to the entire design. As you search for bridal gown shops near me, you will also come across the various types of wedding dress trains to choose from. So let us have a look at all the great options.

Detachable Train

This is perfect for the bride that does want a bustling train. Detachable trains alleviate the wedding dress train weight during the reception and dance. These are one of the most popular styles right now because they provide two looks in one wedding gown. Detachable trains are also available in many styles. For instance, the Martina Liana Style 1463 perfectly complements the dress without exactly matching it. It is extremely versatile and provides many styling options. While the Watteau trains are attached to the shoulders or upper back, detachable trains are connected to the gown, usually with invisible hooks and eyes, snaps, or a belt around the waist.

Chapel Train

This type of wedding dress train extends about 60 inches from the waistline and is the most popular in length. It isn’t too long but still creates drama! The chapel train style works with various dresses and venues. It is much easier to bustle than the longer bridal trains.

Court Train

This type of wedding dress train extends from the waistline instead of the hem and gives a dramatic and voluminous look. The court train trails between 1 and 2.5 feet on the ground behind the wedding gown. This type of train can provide a dramatic flair, even a simple wedding dress. 

Long Train

This is one of the most requested wedding gown trains since many brides want a dramatic walking-down-the-aisle moment. The cathedral trains and royal trains are the two longest train lengths. The latter extends over ten feet in length and may not be practical to wear for the entire day. However, these are perfect for brides who want to make the ultimate statement when walking down the aisle. 

Cathedral Train

In comparison, the cathedral train is perfect for brides who dream of having a regal wedding day look. It ranges from 6-10 feet long and starts from the waistline, thus giving a show-stopping entrance. This style is ideal for formal and church weddings. Cathedral trains are often adorned with stunning details like beading or lace. You may also add buttons down the back for an ultra-classic look.

How to Choose the Right Wedding Dress Train?

With so many options, deciding the right length and style of dress train can be challenging, but remember that some of the main factors to consider are the type of wedding gown you have, the venue, and the formality level. For instance, a long cathedral or royal train can be stunning for a grand ballroom or a church wedding but unsuitable for a destination wedding at the beach. Brides who want to dance their night away easily should also not go for long trains. A short wedding dress train like a chapel or sweep train is ideal for such weddings. The length of these train styles will provide a dramatic look without handling a ton of fabric, so it adds drama without making your movement difficult.

Wrapping Up

Detachable trains are a great option for many brides since they offer a larger train for the ceremony and can be easily removed. If this does not interest you, you can customize the train length of your gown. Remember that the price range will depend on the fabric, embellishments, and train length. So make sure you consider all these factors when budgeting for your wedding gown to avoid any major surprise costs later.

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