Wedding Decorations 101: The Ultimate Lead to Styling A Stunning Day

Wedding Decorations

Congratulations on your engagement. Now, the next thing is to plan for your big day, which will come sooner than you expect it to. Among the things you should plan for is how to style your wedding. Your wedding decorations should reflect on your personality as a couple, and they should brighten the event. Here are some embellishment suggestions to get you on the move.

1.     Define Your Style

When planning for a perfect ceremony, the first step should be to settle on a style that resonates with your preferences. Whether you are considering a large venue with a definitive theme or on a casual backyard party, you ought to consider certain factors. For instance, is the venue of choice available in your area? Can you afford to pay for what you desire? Is the arrangement suitable for the season you will have the wedding? Are your guests comfortable with the style?

2.     Settle On the Decorations

Once you have chosen a style of choice, the next step is to look into some decoration ideas. Your wedding style will determine, to a large extent, the kind of decorations you will use. For instance, a rustic-themed style will match perfectly with wooden embellishments. Morden bobbleheads go with any style, and they can be included in centerpieces and on the cake. You can even place a bobblehead of the bride and groom on the photo booth so that your guests can take photographs. The unique decoration will make your wedding day exceptional that will have people talking for months.

3.     Design Wedding Invitations

While wedding invitations aren’t decorations, they are the right way of having a stylish ceremony. You can use lovely imagery and sizeable fonts to make your letters attractive. The ideal decoration is subject to the couple’s preferences because there is no right or wrong way of doing it. Remember that the invitations are the first impression that family and friends get regarding the upcoming life the couple will be spending together. Therefore, take your time to ensure you get recommendations right.

4.    Install Wedding Signs

The invitations have brought the guests to the big day! Please help them to navigate the venue by installing signage. Have an easel at the entrance to welcome guests and to inform them that they are in the right place. Easels make it easier for the couple to place signs because you can set them up anywhere; you don’t have to hang them on a wall or ceiling. Consider using chalkboards also because of their enhanced functionality. Not only are signage affordable, but they offer an excellent way of giving directions.

5.     Arrange the Space

Having planned the perfect garden or indoor wedding, the next step is to settle on appropriate seating arrangements. Let’s say decide to go with a classic backyard event. Whether you have rented the space or you are using yours, it is essential to decorate it accordingly. Pick the right colors, arches, and balloons. The set up is determined by the number of guests you are expecting. However, a semi-circle array would suffice.

6.  Make Banners

One of the fastest ways of setting the tone for your reception is by using flags and bunting. Both are effective at transforming an otherwise sparse venue into a beautifully arranged space. They feature the couple’s color scheme and overall design. They can also define the occasion with text. Banners and blunting have a significant impact since they cover ample space. When done appropriately, they balance out other decorations and add a tint of sophistication to plan space. Because of their visual effectiveness, banners look amazing in photos.

7.  Have a Wedding Arch

A wedding arch makes a gorgeous backdrop for wedding photos because of how it frames the couple. Just like any other decoration, you can have a simple design or an elaborate one; it is all a matter of choice. The critical factor is that it must align with the overall design aesthetic. You may incorporate natural wood with some flowers or go for a metal frame that is wrapped with ribbons and fabric. 

8. Create Menu Cards

Besides the vows, your guests will enjoy the food. The reception can range from a multi-course dinner to a casual buffet. Designing a menu as part of your wedding decorations gives guests an idea of what to expect. Wedding menus can have different forms. If you are serving buffet, you may have a sign at the beginning of the line and then label the choices properly. For seated dinners, couples could go for printed wedding menu cards displayed on the table or put at the top of each setting. Make sure that the menu coordinates the general design and makes it elegant. Don’t forget to use readable fonts that the guests won’t struggle going through.

9. Choose the Right Centerpieces

When planning table decorations for the reception, the centerpiece is an important feature. Decorating tables might sound like an easy task, but there are numerous options to consider. The table’s design depends on the size of the room and the shape of the table. Centerpieces should be proportional to everything else. Otherwise, they will look out of place. Also, ensure that the color pallet of your wedding is consistent with the centerpieces.

10.Include Wedding Props

A great way of keeping your wedding budget low while having fun is to incorporate accessories in your event. We are past the era where you would pose for wedding photos. Therefore, you should avoid the boring way of doing things and use props in your celebration. They can be anything, from vintage frames to DIY paper cuttings. Ensure that the accessories align with the theme. Also, make sure they show your personality and style.

Keeping up with all the decoration details may seem like an uphill task, but it isn’t. As long as you have amazing tools, you will be done before you even notice it. Remember that your wedding will only be a few hours long, but you will keep the memories for a lifetime. So, make the best out of every detail.

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