Latest Technology Stack to follow in Web Development

Web Development

The software application development today, particularly mobile and website app development, is comprehensively using JavaScript languages as well as other modern technologies, including AI, AR, and VR, among others. Nowadays, developers could create web apps and websites without building them from scratch. This is made possible with the standardized software stacks, which follow a consistent approach and available readily in the technology space. 

Web development standards at times change faster than they could be implemented. And, developers should be one step ahead. For this reason, it’s necessary to keep up with the web development trends, particularly in the coming year 2021. 

The Latest Tech Stack

For a custom software development company, keeping up with the evolving trends is paramount to stay ahead of the competition. So, as the year is about to end, we look forward to the next year and the upcoming trends and the latest tech stack for website development. 

1. PWA or Progressive Web Apps

PWAs are not the phenomenon this year. Nevertheless, it caught the attention of modern investors and developers because of its capability of performing a user experience that’s of high quality. What makes PWA good?

Their main role is to enable users browsing sites in mobile browsers with the same convenience and speed as on a desktop computer. A distinctive feature is a chance of sending push-notifications without having to download more apps. Push-notifications thus, are one of the trends in digital marketing today and in 2021. PWA has enhanced the quality of several services, including Twitter, Uber, Pinterest, and Smashing Magazine. They are transforming how people use the internet. 

2. WebAssembly

When it comes to custom software development, the first thing that must never be compromised is performance. However, JavaScript limitations make heavy calculations gradual. This worsens the user experience considerably. This is why WebAssemby came about. 

With the technology, the programming language’s code could be compiled into bytecode that runs in a browser. The advantages of WebAssembly are:

  • executes fast code
  • hardware independent
  • independent of programming platform and language
  • provides a high-security level

It all boils down to the triangle, which is a small footprint, cross-platform scripting, and speed. All these components are the main ones in modern websites and web apps development. Thus, the majority of web development instances today are not without WebAssembly. 

3. AI Development

AI mirrors human behavior at a high level. It could do many cognitive functions, which include:

  • data collection
  • learning
  • analysis

It even comes as no surprise to a lot of users that Artificial Intelligence is involved to some extent in most websites. It made a new dimension in the web development sphere. Most processes are simplified by AI, thus providing high-quality service. 

Today, the most common scenario of AI use is adding chatbots to sites. This, however, relates specifically to the user experience and functionality. During website development, Artificial Intelligence is used almost at every single step, beginning with the deployment and ends with a test. 

4. Mobile-First Approach

For some time now, adaptability has been a top trend in web development. Today however, it has become the automatic component of each website. Because without it, the user experience will become inferior, and indexing search engine ratings will lower as well. 

At present, and even onwards, the mobile comes to the fore and not the desktop. Thus, one of the trends is developing website functionality or applications mainly for a smart device. One such implementation is the PWA, and another option is the Accelerate Mobile Pages or AMP. 

AMPs are used on all web applications, users of which use smartphones actively to gain access to websites. 


Ready for innovation in your web app? Then the items above are just some of the latest technology stacks to follow in any of your website development projects. 

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