software development company

Top 10 Software Development companies in the world

Software development is the process of researching, programming, designing, testing, and bug-fixing using a set of computer programs or commands to develop a software program. There are three different types of software such as application software, system software, and utility software. The best software development company always aims to deliver a great project with quality…

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Angular Performance Tuning

7 Tips for perfect Angular Performance Tuning

Angular is a popular frontend development framework that helps with easy development of Single page apps, enterprise apps, etc. Performance tuning is necessary to ensure that your angular app’s performance is better, efficient, and smooth; ultimately providing a good user experience. There are Angular performance tuning techniques that can help in providing seamless app using experience…

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javaScript game engines

Best 8 JavaScript Game Engines

According to Statista, JavaScript is the most used programming language as of 2021. Unlike other programming languages, JavaScript’s standing relies on the web development sectors and software and game development. More than that, significant universities tutor JavaScript as their primary programming language. As a result, today, many software development company use JavaScript to ensure wide-ranging application developments….

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Web Development

Latest Technology Stack to follow in Web Development

The software application development today, particularly mobile and website app development, is comprehensively using JavaScript languages as well as other modern technologies, including AI, AR, and VR, among others. Nowadays, developers could create web apps and websites without building them from scratch. This is made possible with the standardized software stacks, which follow a consistent…

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