5 Trendy Web Frameworks that Every Web Development Agency Must Use

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With lots of innovations taking place in the web development services, it becomes crucial to gear up your website functions with latest web development frameworks that ruling the trends in 2019.

Here, in this blog, we have come up with the list of the most popular web development frameworks that every web development company should use to deliver an effective and interactive website that drives exceptional conversions and revenue.

If you are a business owner and looking forward to hiring a web development agency who can help you develop a clean and smooth web structure for your business, you must also read this blog for a better knowledge.

Let’s go ahead!

Top 5 Trendy Web Development Frameworks in 2019

However, there are hundreds of web development frameworks which have set unique standards in different aspects while effectively using the programming languages like PHP, Ruby, Java, Python and many more.

But in this blog, we’ll discuss about only those frameworks which have been used by a wide number of websites and have delivered outstanding results too. 

1. Laravel

Through Laravel PHP Development Framework, the small businesses or startups can develop their web app or mobile app.

From benefiting its developers with Object Oriented Libraries, Database Migration, Security, Encryption Protection & more, the Laravel is the easiest to implement framework for any web or mobile application.

2. Django

Django framework uses Python programming language and follows the Model View Template Architecture.

The Web Development Company can use this framework for developing complex structure and crucial data-oriented websites.

3. Ruby on Rails

The Rails framework which is a server-side web development written in the Ruby programming language is used by many web development companies who ensure delivering the excellence. 

By using this framework, the companies can use a vast amount of open source codes which can be reused as many times as possible.

While the Ruby on Rails code is easily readable, it can also save developers a lot of extra time spend in the documentation process.

4. Zend

This is another open source framework used in PHP Web Development Services which enables developers to access a wide selection of PHP Packages that make the development process 5 times easier & faster.

The Zend Framework can lighten your website code and make it simple, clean and easy to understand.

5. Express JS

Express JS is an open source, Java based web application development framework which can make your web application development and API process much easier and efficient.

With offering a wide number of features and plugins, the web development company can make the most of this framework in delivering high quality and engaging websites to their clients.

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